Thomas Beneyton
Thomas Beneyton
CRPP - Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal
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High-throughput screening of filamentous fungi using nanoliter-range droplet-based microfluidics
T Beneyton, IPM Wijaya, P Postros, M Najah, P Leblond, A Couvent, ...
Scientific reports 6, 27223, 2016
Droplet-based microfluidic high-throughput screening of heterologous enzymes secreted by the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica
T Beneyton, S Thomas, AD Griffiths, JM Nicaud, A Drevelle, T Rossignol
Microbial cell factories 16 (1), 18, 2017
Droplet-based microfluidics platform for ultra-high-throughput bioprospecting of cellulolytic microorganisms
M Najah, R Calbrix, IP Mahendra-Wijaya, T Beneyton, AD Griffiths, ...
Chemistry & Biology 21 (12), 1722-1732, 2014
CotA laccase: high-throughput manipulation and analysis of recombinant enzyme libraries expressed in E. coli using droplet-based microfluidics
T Beneyton, F Coldren, JC Baret, AD Griffiths, V Taly
Analyst 139 (13), 3314-3323, 2014
Membraneless glucose/O 2 microfluidic biofuel cells using covalently bound enzymes
T Beneyton, IPM Wijaya, CB Salem, AD Griffiths, V Taly
Chemical Communications 49 (11), 1094-1096, 2013
Stabilisers for water-in-fluorinated-oil dispersions: Key properties for microfluidic applications
P Gruner, B Riechers, LAC Orellana, Q Brosseau, F Maes, T Beneyton, ...
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 20 (3), 183-191, 2015
Immobilization of CotA, an extremophilic laccase from Bacillus subtilis, on glassy carbon electrodes for biofuel cell applications
T Beneyton, A El Harrak, AD Griffiths, P Hellwig, V Taly
Electrochemistry Communications 13 (1), 24-27, 2011
Catanionic Coacervate Droplets as a Surfactant‐Based Membrane‐Free Protocell Model
JP Douliez, N Martin, C Gaillard, T Beneyton, JC Baret, S Mann, L Beven
Angewandte Chemie 129 (44), 13877-13881, 2017
Hybrid bidentate phosphoramidite ligands in asymmetric catalysis
F Boeda, T Beneyton, C Crevisy
Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry 5 (2), 96-127, 2008
Out-of-equilibrium microcompartments for the bottom-up integration of metabolic functions
T Beneyton, D Krafft, C Bednarz, C Kleineberg, C Woelfer, I Ivanov, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-10, 2018
Light-powered CO2 fixation in a chloroplast mimic with natural and synthetic parts
TE Miller, T Beneyton, T Schwander, C Diehl, M Girault, R McLean, ...
Science 368 (6491), 649-654, 2020
Preparation of Swellable Hydrogel‐Containing Colloidosomes from Aqueous Two‐Phase Pickering Emulsion Droplets
JP Douliez, N Martin, T Beneyton, JC Eloi, JP Chapel, L Navailles, ...
Angewandte Chemie 130 (26), 7906-7910, 2018
The Thermophilic CotA Laccase from Bacillus subtilis: Bioelectrocatalytic Evaluation of O2 Reduction in the Direct and Mediated Electron Transfer Regime
T Beneyton, Y Beyl, DA Guschin, AD Griffiths, V Taly, W Schuhmann
Electroanalysis 23 (8), 1781-1789, 2011
Rational design of a high-throughput droplet sorter
SS Schütz, T Beneyton, JC Baret, TM Schneider
Lab on a Chip 19 (13), 2220-2232, 2019
High-content screening of plankton alkaline phosphatase activity in microfluidics
M Girault, T Beneyton, D Pekin, L Buisson, S Bichon, C Charbonnier, ...
Analytical chemistry 90 (6), 4174-4181, 2018
Microfluidic technology for plankton research
M Girault, T Beneyton, Y del Amo, JC Baret
Current opinion in biotechnology 55, 134-150, 2019
High-Throughput Synthesis and Screening of Functional Coacervates Using Microfluidics
T Beneyton, C Love, M Girault, TY Tang, JC Baret
ChemSystemsChem, 2020
Bacterial expression systems for enzymatic activity in droplet-based microfluidics
CS Karamitros, M Morvan, A Vigne, J Lim, P Gruner, T Beneyton, ...
Analytical Chemistry 92 (7), 4908-4916, 2020
A new-to-nature carboxylation module to improve natural and synthetic CO 2 fixation
M Scheffen, DG Marchal, T Beneyton, SK Schuller, M Klose, C Diehl, ...
Nature Catalysis, 1-11, 0
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