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A hydrothermal-sedimentary context for the origin of life
F Westall, K Hickman-Lewis, N Hinman, P Gautret, KA Campbell, ...
Astrobiology 18 (3), 259-293, 2018
The Dallol Geothermal Area, Northern Afar (Ethiopia)—An Exceptional Planetary Field Analog on Earth
B Cavalazzi, R Barbieri, F Gómez, B Capaccioni, K Olsson-Francis, ...
Astrobiology 19 (4), 553-578, 2019
Most ancient evidence for life in the Barberton greenstone belt: Microbial mats and biofabrics of the ∼3.47 Ga Middle Marker horizon
K Hickman-Lewis, B Cavalazzi, F Foucher, F Westall
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K Hickman-Lewis, RJ Garwood, MD Brasier, T Goral, H Jiang, ...
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Stochastic Prebiotic Chemistry within Realistic Geological Systems
AV Dass, K Hickman‐Lewis, A Brack, TP Kee, F Westall
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Metallomics in deep time and the influence of ocean chemistry on the metabolic landscapes of Earth’s earliest ecosystems
K Hickman-Lewis, B Cavalazzi, S Sorieul, P Gautret, F Foucher, ...
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Perseverance rover reveals an ancient delta-lake system and flood deposits at Jezero crater, Mars
N Mangold, S Gupta, O Gasnault, G Dromart, JD Tarnas, SF Sholes, ...
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X-ray microtomography as a tool for investigating the petrological context of Precambrian cellular remains
K Hickman-Lewis, RJ Garwood, PJ Withers, D Wacey
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Mechanistic Morphogenesis of Organo-Sedimentary Structures Growing Under Geochemically Stressed Conditions: Keystone to Proving the Biogenicity of Some Archaean Stromatolites?
K Hickman-Lewis, P Gautret, L Arbaret, S Sorieul, R De Wit, F Foucher, ...
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K Hickman-Lewis, F Westall, B Cavalazzi
Earth's Oldest Rocks, 1029-1058, 2018
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D Gourier, L Binet, T Calligaro, S Cappelli, H Vezin, J Bréhéret, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2019
Fluvial or aeolian grains? Separation of transport agents on Mars using earth analogue observations
Z Kapui, A Kereszturi, K Kiss, Z Szalai, G Újvári, K Hickman-Lewis, ...
Planetary and Space Science 163, 56-76, 2018
Nanoscale 3D quantitative imaging of 1.88 Ga Gunflint microfossils reveals novel insights into taphonomic and biogenic characters
L Maldanis, K Hickman-Lewis, M Verezhak, P Gueriau, M Guizar-Sicairos, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 1-9, 2020
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K Hickman‐Lewis, F Westall, B Cavalazzi
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3.4 Ga biostructures from the Barberton greenstone belt of South Africa: new insights into microbial life
F Greco, B Cavalazzi, A Hofmann, K Hickman-Lewis
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Reconstructing Palaeoarchaean microbial biomes flourishing in the presence of emergent landmasses using trace and rare earth element systematics
K Hickman-Lewis, B Gourcerol, F Westall, D Manzini, B Cavalazzi
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M Jebbar, K Hickman-Lewis, B Cavalazzi, RS Taubner, SKMR Rittmann, ...
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Biosignatures in Deep Time
F Westall, K Hickman-Lewis, B Cavalazzi
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Definition and use of functional analogues in planetary exploration
F Foucher, K Hickman-Lewis, A Hutzler, KH Joy, L Folco, JC Bridges, ...
Planetary and Space Science 197, 105162, 2021
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