Quentin Cassar
Quentin Cassar
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Pilot study of freshly excised breast tissue response in the 300–600 GHz range
Q Cassar, A Al-Ibadi, L Mavarani, P Hillger, J Grzyb, G MacGrogan, ...
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Mode-dependent mechanical losses in disc resonators
G Cagnoli, M Lorenzini, E Cesarini, F Piergiovanni, M Granata, D Heinert, ...
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Terahertz pulse time-domain holography method for phase imaging of breast tissue
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THz spectroscopy and imaging for breast cancer detection in the 300–500 GHz range
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2017 42nd international conference on infrared, millimeter, and terahertz …, 2017
Terahertz biomedical imaging: From multivariate analysis and detection to material parameter extraction
A Al-Ibadi, JB Sleiman, Q Cassar, G Macgrogan, H Balacey, T Zimmer, ...
2017 Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium-Spring (PIERS), 2756-2762, 2017
Iterative Tree Algorithm to Evaluate Terahertz Signal Contribution of Specific Optical Paths Within Multilayered Materials
Q Cassar, A Chopard, F Fauquet, JP Guillet, M Pan, JB Perraud, ...
IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology 9 (6), 684-694, 2019
Ex Vivo Breast Tumor Identification: Advances Toward a Silicon-Based Terahertz Near-Field Imaging Sensor
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Terahertz Paint Thickness Measurements: from lab to automotive and aeronautics industry
M Picot, H Ballacey, JP Guillet, Q Cassar, P Mounaix
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NearSense–advances towards a silicon-based terahertz near-field imaging sensor for Ex vivo breast tumour identification
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Frequenz 72 (3-4), 93-99, 2018
Interaction of terahertz radiation with tissue phantoms: numerical and experimental studies
OA Smolyanskaya, Q Cassar, MS Kulya, NV Petrov, KI Zaytsev, ...
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A novel approach of aqueous solution analysis using a fully-integrated terahertz near-field sensor
L Mavarani, P Hillger, J Grzyb, Q Cassar, A Al-Ibadi, T Zimmer, ...
2017 42nd International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz …, 2017
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OA Smolyanskaya, VN Trukhin, PG Gavrilova, EL Odlyanitskiy, ...
Colloidal Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications XIV 10892, 108920L, 2019
Fast Terahertz Spectroscopic Holographic Assessment of Optical Properties of Diabetic Blood Plasma
MS Kulya, EL Odlyanitskiy, Q Cassar, IA Mustafin, VN Trukhin, ...
Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves, 1-16, 2020
Terahertz Radiations for Breast Tumour Recognition
Q Cassar
Université de Bordeaux, 2020
Using soy protein in the three-component phantom for breast cancer mimicking
Q Cassar, AA Lykina, AI Lepeshkin, DA Baranenko, OV Kravtsenyuk, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1537 (1), 012019, 2020
Guided terahertz pulse reflectometry with double photoconductive antenna
M Pan, Q Cassar, F Fauquet, G Humbert, P Mounaix, JP Guillet
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Millimeter waves Radar: A way to see through the airplane covering?
A Chopard, J Sleiman, Q Cassar, P Fauché, J Guillet, P Mounaix, ...
11 symposium international: NDT in Aerospace, 2019
Scanning laser terahertz near-field reflection imaging system
K Okada, K Serita, Z Zang, H Murakami, I Kawayama, Q Cassar, ...
Applied Physics Express 12 (12), 122005, 2019
Ancient Painting on Copper Substrate Inspected by Terahertz Spectroscopy-Imaging
Q Cassar, CL Koch-Dandolo, JP Guillet, M Roux, F Fauquet, P Mounaix
2019 44th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz …, 2019
Reconstructed THz phase image of the two-component numerical model of breast cancer tissue
OA Smolyanskaya, MS Kulya, Q Cassar, OV Kravtsenuk, P Mounaix, ...
2019 44th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz …, 2019
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