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Victor Despré
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Attosecond hole migration in benzene molecules surviving nuclear motion
V Despré, A Marciniak, V Loriot, MCE Galbraith, A Rouzée, MJJ Vrakking, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6 (3), 426-431, 2015
Probing time-dependent molecular dipoles on the attosecond time scale
C Neidel, J Klei, CH Yang, A Rouzée, MJJ Vrakking, K Klünder, ...
Physical Review Letters 111 (3), 033001, 2013
XUV excitation followed by ultrafast non-adiabatic relaxation in PAH molecules as a femto-astrochemistry experiment
A Marciniak, V Despré, T Barillot, A Rouzée, MCE Galbraith, J Klei, ...
Nature Communications 6 (1), 7909, 2015
Charge migration in propiolic acid: A full quantum dynamical study
V Despré, NV Golubev, AI Kuleff
Physical review letters 121 (20), 203002, 2018
Few-femtosecond passage of conical intersections in the benzene cation
MCE Galbraith, S Scheit, NV Golubev, G Reitsma, N Zhavoronkov, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1018, 2017
Electron correlation driven non-adiabatic relaxation in molecules excited by an ultrashort extreme ultraviolet pulse
A Marciniak, V Despré, V Loriot, G Karras, M Hervé, L Quintard, F Catoire, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 337, 2019
Decoherence and revival in attosecond charge migration driven by non-adiabatic dynamics
DT Matselyukh, V Despré, NV Golubev, AI Kuleff, HJ Wörner
Nature Physics, 1-8, 2022
Ultrafast dynamics of correlation bands following XUV molecular photoionization
M Hervé, V Despré, P Castellanos Nash, V Loriot, A Boyer, ...
Nature Physics 17 (3), 327-331, 2021
Quantum control with smoothly varying pulses: general theory and application to charge migration
NV Golubev, V Despré, AI Kuleff
Journal of Modern Optics 64 (10-11), 1031-1041, 2017
All-XUV pump-probe transient absorption spectroscopy of the structural molecular dynamics of di-iodomethane
M Rebholz, T Ding, V Despré, L Aufleger, M Hartmann, K Meyer, V Stooß, ...
Physical Review X 11 (3), 031001, 2021
XUV-induced reactions in benzene on sub-10 fs timescale: nonadiabatic relaxation and proton migration
MCE Galbraith, CTL Smeenk, G Reitsma, A Marciniak, V Despré, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (30), 19822-19828, 2017
Ultrafast vibrational relaxation dynamics in XUV-excited polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecules
A Boyer, M Hervé, V Despré, P Castellanos Nash, V Loriot, A Marciniak, ...
Physical Review X 11 (4), 041012, 2021
Resolving XUV induced femtosecond and attosecond dynamics in polyatomic molecules with a compact attosecond beamline
V Loriot, A Marciniak, L Quintard, V Despré, B Schindler, I Compagnon, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 635 (1), 012006, 2015
Size effects in charge migration in alkyne chains
V Despré, AI Kuleff
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 138 (9), 110, 2019
Ultrafast nonadiabatic cascade and subsequent photofragmentation of extreme ultraviolet excited caffeine molecule
A Marciniak, K Yamazaki, S Maeda, M Reduzzi, V Despré, M Hervé, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (24), 6927-6933, 2018
Progress towards a realistic theoretical description of C 60 photoelectron-momentum imaging experiments using time-dependent density-functional theory
P Wopperer, CZ Gao, T Barillot, C Cauchy, A Marciniak, V Despré, ...
Physical Review A 91 (4), 042514, 2015
Correlation-driven charge migration as an initial step of the dynamics in correlation bands
V Despré, AI Kuleff
Physical Review A 106 (2), L021501, 2022
The role of symmetric vibrational modes in the decoherence of correlation-driven charge migration
J Vester, V Despré, AI Kuleff
The Journal of Chemical Physics 158, 104305, 2023
Distinctive Onset of Electron Correlation in Molecular Tautomers
K Chordiya, V Despré, MU Kahaly, AI Kuleff
Physical Review A 105, 062808, 2022
Observation of nuclear wave-packet interference in ultrafast interatomic energy transfer
M Han, J Fedyk, JB Ji, V Despré, AI Kuleff, HJ Wörner
Physical Review Letters 130 (25), 253202, 2023
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