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Molecular adsorption at Pt (111). How accurate are DFT functionals?
S Gautier, SN Steinmann, C Michel, P Fleurat-Lessard, P Sautet
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (43), 28921-28930, 2015
Role of water in metal catalyst performance for ketone hydrogenation: a joint experimental and theoretical study on levulinic acid conversion into gamma-valerolactone
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A high performance grid-based algorithm for computing QTAIM properties
JI Rodríguez, RFW Bader, PW Ayers, C Michel, AW Götz, C Bo
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Ethanol electro-oxidation on palladium revisited using polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy (PM-IRRAS) and density functional theory (DFT): why …
EA Monyoncho, SN Steinmann, C Michel, EA Baranova, TK Woo, ...
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Activation of the C− H bond by electrophilic attack: Theoretical study of the reaction mechanism of the aerobic oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes by the Cu (bipy) 2+/2, 2, 6 …
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Solvation free energies for periodic surfaces: comparison of implicit and explicit solvation models
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Key Role of Anionic Doping for H2 Production from Formic Acid on Pd(111)
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RE Bulo, C Michel, P Fleurat-Lessard, P Sautet
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T Wang, J Ibañez, K Wang, L Fang, M Sabbe, C Michel, S Paul, ...
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What Singles out the FeO2+ Moiety? A Density-Functional Theory Study of the Methane-to-Methanol Reaction Catalyzed by the First Row Transition-Metal Oxide Dications MO (H2O) p …
C Michel, EJ Baerends
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Structural, Kinetic, and Theoretical Studies on Models of the Zinc‐Containing Phosphodiesterase Active Center: Medium‐Dependent Reaction Mechanisms
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On the key role of hydroxyl groups in platinum-catalysed alcohol oxidation in aqueous medium
S Chibani, C Michel, F Delbecq, C Pinel, M Besson
Catalysis Science & Technology 3 (2), 339-350, 2013
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