Sang Woo Park
Sang Woo Park
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Modeling shield immunity to reduce COVID-19 epidemic spread
JS Weitz, SJ Beckett, AR Coenen, D Demory, M Dominguez-Mirazo, ...
Nature Medicine, 1-6, 2020
Reconciling early-outbreak estimates of the basic reproductive number and its uncertainty: framework and applications to the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak
SW Park, BM Bolker, D Champredon, DJD Earn, M Li, JS Weitz, ...
medRxiv, 2020
The time scale of asymptomatic transmission affects estimates of epidemic potential in the COVID-19 outbreak
SW Park, DM Cornforth, J Dushoff, JS Weitz
Epidemics, 100392, 2020
A double-edged sword: does highly active antiretroviral therapy contribute to syphilis incidence by impairing immunity to Treponema pallidum?
ML Rekart, W Ndifon, RC Brunham, J Dushoff, SW Park, S Rawat, ...
Sexually transmitted infections 93 (5), 374-378, 2017
A practical generation-interval-based approach to inferring the strength of epidemics from their speed
SW Park, D Champredon, JS Weitz, J Dushoff
Epidemics 27, 12-18, 2019
Mathematical models to guide pandemic response
CJE Metcalf, DH Morris, SW Park
Science 369 (6502), 368-369, 2020
Potential Role of Social Distancing in Mitigating Spread of Coronavirus Disease, South Korea
SW Park, K Sun, C Viboud, BT Grenfell, J Dushoff
Emerging infectious diseases 26 (11), 2020
Awareness-driven Behavior Changes Can Shift the Shape of Epidemics Away from Peaks and Towards Plateaus, Shoulders, and Oscillations
JS Weitz, SW Park, C Eksin, J Dushoff
medRxiv, 2020
Effects of contact structure on the transient evolution of HIV virulence
SW Park, BM Bolker
PLoS computational biology 13 (3), e1005453, 2017
Inferring generation-interval distributions from contact-tracing data
SW Park, D Champredon, J Dushoff
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 17 (167), 20190719, 2020
A note on observation processes in epidemic models
SW Park, BM Bolker
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 82 (3), 1-8, 2020
Human ectoparasite transmission of the plague during the Second Pandemic is only weakly supported by proposed mathematical models
SW Park, J Dushoff, DJD Earn, H Poinar, BM Bolker
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201809775, 2018
Cohort-based approach to understanding the roles of generation and serial intervals in shaping epidemiological dynamics
SW Park, K Sun, D Champredon, M Li, BM Bolker, DJD Earn, JS Weitz, ...
medRxiv, 2020
Epidemiological dynamics of enterovirus D68 in the US: implications for acute flaccid myelitis
SW Park, J Farrar, K Messacar, L Meyers, M Pons-Salort, BT Grenfell
medRxiv, 2020
The impact of COVID-19 non-pharmaceutical interventions on the future dynamics of endemic infections
RE Baker, SW Park, W Yang, GA Vecchi, CJE Metcalf, BT Grenfell
medRxiv, 2020
Speed and strength of an epidemic intervention
J Dushoff, SW Park
bioRxiv, 2020
Bridging the gap between theory and data: the Red Queen Hypothesis for sex
SW Park, BM Bolker
bioRxiv, 637413, 2019
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