Jean-Michel Guillon
Jean-Michel Guillon
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Disruption of the gene for Met-tRNA (fMet) formyltransferase severely impairs growth of Escherichia coli.
JM Guillon, Y Mechulam, JM Schmitter, S Blanquet, G Fayat
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Temperature-dependent sex determination and global change: are some species at greater risk?
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JM Guillon
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JM Guillon
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Importance of formylability and anticodon stem sequence to give a tRNA (Met) an initiator identity in Escherichia coli.
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Elevated expression of ICAM1 (CD54) and minimal expression of LFA3 (CD58) in epstein‐barr‐virus‐positive nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells
P Busson, Q Zhang, JM Guillon, CD Gregory, LS Young, B Clausse, ...
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The Escherichia coli fmt gene, encoding methionyl-tRNA (fMet) formyltransferase, escapes metabolic control.
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Maternal inheritance of chloroplasts in the horsetail Equisetum variegatum (Schleich.)
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Modeling thermal influence on animal growth and sex determination in reptiles: being closer to the target gives new views
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Delimitation of the embryonic thermosensitive period for sex determination using an embryo growth model reveals a potential bias for sex ratio prediction in turtles
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Evolution of habitat‐dependent sex allocation in plants: superficially similar to, but intrinsically different from animals
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Environmental Sex Determination in the Genus Equisetum: Sugars Induce Male Sex Expression in Cultured Gametophytes
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International immunology 2 (12), 1159-1166, 1990
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