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Romain Berthelot
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Electrochemical investigation of the P2–NaxCoO2 phase diagram
R Berthelot, D Carlier, C Delmas
Nature materials 10 (1), 74-80, 2011
The P2-Na 2/3 Co 2/3 Mn 1/3 O 2 phase: structure, physical properties and electrochemical behavior as positive electrode in sodium battery
D Carlier, JH Cheng, R Berthelot, M Guignard, M Yoncheva, R Stoyanova, ...
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F Murgia, L Stievano, L Monconduit, R Berthelot
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R Dominko, J Bitenc, R Berthelot, M Gauthier, G Pagot, V Di Noto
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F Murgia, ET Weldekidan, L Stievano, L Monconduit, R Berthelot
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V Gabaudan, R Berthelot, L Stievano, L Monconduit
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R Berthelot, W Schmidt, AW Sleight, MA Subramanian
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 196, 225-231, 2012
New Layered Compounds with Honeycomb Ordering: Li3Ni2BiO6, Li3NiM′BiO6 (M′ = Mg, Cu, Zn), and the Delafossite Ag3Ni2BiO6
R Berthelot, W Schmidt, S Muir, J Eilertsen, L Etienne, AW Sleight, ...
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Competitive salt precipitation/dissolution during free‐water reduction in water‐in‐salt electrolyte
R Bouchal, Z Li, C Bongu, S Le Vot, R Berthelot, B Rotenberg, F Favier, ...
Angewandte Chemie 132 (37), 16047-16051, 2020
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W Schmidt, R Berthelot, AW Sleight, MA Subramanian
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V Gabaudan, L Monconduit, L Stievano, R Berthelot
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Express and low-cost microwave synthesis of the ternary Chevrel phase Cu2Mo6S8 for application in rechargeable magnesium batteries
F Murgia, P Antitomaso, L Stievano, L Monconduit, R Berthelot
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 242, 151-154, 2016
SnSb vs. Sn: improving the performance of Sn-based anodes for K-ion batteries by synergetic alloying with Sb
V Gabaudan, R Berthelot, MT Sougrati, PE Lippens, L Monconduit, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (25), 15262-15270, 2019
Investigation of Mg(BH4)(NH2)-Based Composite Materials with Enhanced Mg2+ Ionic Conductivity
R Le Ruyet, R Berthelot, E Salager, P Florian, B Fleutot, R Janot
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Alloys to replace Mg anodes in efficient and practical Mg-ion/sulfur batteries
Z Meng, D Foix, N Brun, R Dedryvère, L Stievano, M Morcrette, ...
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J Bitenc, A Scafuri, K Pirnat, M Lozinšek, I Jerman, J Grdadolnik, B Fraisse, ...
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Electrolyte Based on Easily Synthesized, Low Cost Triphenolate–Borohydride Salt for High Performance Mg(TFSI)2-Glyme Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries
S Hebié, HPK Ngo, JC Leprêtre, C Iojoiu, L Cointeaux, R Berthelot, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (34), 28377-28385, 2017
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F Murgia, L Monconduit, L Stievano, R Berthelot
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Electrochemical Mg alloying properties along the Sb1-xBix solid solution
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Mg3(BH4)4(NH2)2 as Inorganic Solid Electrolyte with High Mg2+ Ionic Conductivity
R Le Ruyet, B Fleutot, R Berthelot, Y Benabed, G Hautier, Y Filinchuk, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (7), 6093-6097, 2020
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