Christopher Lepre
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3.3-million-year-old stone tools from Lomekwi 3, West Turkana, Kenya
S Harmand, JE Lewis, CS Feibel, CJ Lepre, S Prat, A Lenoble, X Boës, ...
Nature 521 (7552), 310-315, 2015
An earlier origin for the Acheulian
CJ Lepre, H Roche, DV Kent, S Harmand, RL Quinn, JP Brugal, PJ Texier, ...
Nature 477 (7362), 82-85, 2011
The age of the 20 meter Solo River terrace, Java, Indonesia and the survival of Homo erectus in Asia
E Indriati, CC Swisher III, C Lepre, RL Quinn, RA Suriyanto, AT Hascaryo, ...
PloS one 6 (6), e21562, 2011
Paleogeographic variations of pedogenic carbonate δ13C values from Koobi Fora, Kenya: implications for floral compositions of Plio-Pleistocene hominin environments
RL Quinn, CJ Lepre, JD Wright, CS Feibel
Journal of Human Evolution 53 (5), 560-573, 2007
Plio-Pleistocene facies environments from the KBS Member, Koobi Fora Formation: implications for climate controls on the development of lake-margin hominin habitats in the …
CJ Lepre, RL Quinn, JCA Joordens, CC Swisher III, CS Feibel
Journal of Human Evolution 53 (5), 504-514, 2007
Empirical evidence for stability of the 405-kiloyear Jupiter–Venus eccentricity cycle over hundreds of millions of years
DV Kent, PE Olsen, C Rasmussen, C Lepre, R Mundil, RB Irmis, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (24), 6153-6158, 2018
Pedogenic carbonate stable isotopic evidence for wooded habitat preference of early Pleistocene tool makers in the Turkana Basin
RL Quinn, CJ Lepre, CS Feibel, JD Wright, RA Mortlock, S Harmand, ...
Journal of human evolution 65 (1), 65-78, 2013
New magnetostratigraphy for the Olduvai Subchron in the Koobi Fora Formation, northwest Kenya, with implications for early Homo
CJ Lepre, DV Kent
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 290 (3-4), 362-374, 2010
Enhanced and stabilized arsenic retention in microcosms through the microbial oxidation of ferrous iron by nitrate
BCB Jing Sun, Steven N. Chillrud, Brian J. Mailloux, Martin Stute, Rajesh ...
Chemosphere 144, 1106–1115, 2016
Stratigraphy, correlation, and age estimates for fossils from Area 123, Koobi Fora
CS Feibel, CJ Lepre, RL Quinn
Journal of Human Evolution 57 (2), 112-122, 2009
Chronostratigraphy of KNM-ER 3733 and other Area 104 hominins from Koobi Fora
CJ Lepre, DV Kent
Journal of human evolution 86, 99-111, 2015
Early Pleistocene lake formation and hominin origins in the Turkana–Omo rift
CJ Lepre
Quaternary Science Reviews 102, 181-191, 2014
Colorado plateau coring project, phase I (CPCP-I): A continuously cored, globally exportable chronology of Triassic continental environmental change from Western North America
PE Olsen, JW Geissman, DV Kent, GE Gehrels, R Mundil, RB Irmis, ...
Home bases, raw material, and sedimentology from the Okote Member, Koobi Fora Formation, northern Kenya: a geoarchaeological study
C Lepre
Journal of Human Evolution 40 (3), A13-A14, 2001
Crevasse‐splay and associated depositional environments of the hominin‐bearing lower Okote Member, Koobi Fora Formation (Plio‐Pleistocene), Kenya
CJ Lepre
The Depositional Record 3 (2), 161-186, 2017
Revisiting the pedogenic carbonate isotopes and paleoenvironmental interpretation of Kanapoi
RL Quinn, CJ Lepre
Journal of Human Evolution 140, 102549, 2020
Magnetochronology of the entire Chinle Formation (Norian age) in a scientific drill core from Petrified Forest National Park (Arizona, USA) and implications for regional and …
DV Kent, PE Olsen, C Lepre, C Rasmussen, R Mundil, GE Gehrels, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 20 (11), 4654-4664, 2019
LA-ICPMS U-Pb geochronology of detrital zircon grains from the Coconino, Moenkopi, and Chinle Formations in the Petrified Forest National Park (Arizona)
G Gehrels, D Giesler, P Olsen, D Kent, A Marsh, W Parker, C Rasmussen, ...
Geochronology Discussions, 1-100, 2019
Constraints on Fe‐oxide formation in monsoonal Vertisols of Pliocene Kenya using rock magnetism and spectroscopy
CJ Lepre
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 20 (11), 4998-5013, 2019
The Response of Eastern African Terrestrial Environments to the Mid-Pleistocene Climate Transition: Paleosol Isotopic Evidence from the Turkana Basin, Kenya
R Quinn, CJ Lepre
AGUFM 2017, PP13B-1084, 2017
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