Ivan Puga-Gonzalez
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Emergent patterns of social affiliation in primates, a model
I Puga-Gonzalez, H Hildenbrandt, CK Hemelrijk
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An individual-oriented model on the emergence of support in fights, its reciprocation and exchange
CK Hemelrijk, I Puga-Gonzalez
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Friendship, reciprocation, and interchange in an individual-based model
I Puga-Gonzalez, A Hoscheid, CK Hemelrijk
Behavioral ecology and sociobiology 69 (3), 383-394, 2015
Empathy versus parsimony in understanding post-conflict affiliation in monkeys: model and empirical data
I Puga-Gonzalez, M Butovskaya, B Thierry, CK Hemelrijk
PloS one 9 (3), e91262, 2014
Cooperation, coalition, and alliances
CK Hemelrijk, I Puga-Gonzalez, J Steinhauser
Handbook of Paleoanthropology: Vol I: Principles, Methods and Approaches Vol …, 2013
Emergence of complex social networks from spatial structure and rules of thumb: a modelling approach
I Puga-Gonzalez, C Sueur
Ecological complexity 31, 189-200, 2017
The self-organization of social complexity in group-living animals: lessons from the DomWorld model
CK Hemelrijk, PM Kappeler, I Puga-Gonzalez
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Targeting or supporting, what drives patterns of aggressive intervention in fights?
I Puga‐Gonzalez, MA Cooper, CK Hemelrijk
American journal of primatology 78 (2), 247-255, 2016
Mechanisms of reciprocity and diversity in social networks: a modeling and comparative approach
I Puga-Gonzalez, J Ostner, O Schülke, S Sosa, B Thierry, C Sueur
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Friendships and social networks in an individual-based model of primate social behaviour
I Puga-Gonzalez, C Sueur
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 20 (3), 2017
A multilevel statistical toolkit to study animal social networks: Animal Network Toolkit (ANT) R package
S Sebastian, I Puga-Gonzalez, HF He, P Zhang, XH XIE, C Sueur
Primate Research Supplement The 34th Congress Primate Society of Japan, 39-39, 2018
Mechanisms of network evolution: a focus on socioecological factors, intermediary mechanisms, and selection pressures
C Sueur, V Romano, S Sosa, I Puga-Gonzalez
Primates 60 (3), 167-181, 2019
Dimensionality and factorial invariance of religiosity among Christians and the religiously unaffiliated: A cross-cultural analysis based on the International Social Survey …
CM Lemos, RJ Gore, I Puga-Gonzalez, FLR Shults
PloS one 14 (5), e0216352, 2019
Social networks analyses in primates, a multilevel perspective
I Puga-Gonzalez, S Sosa, C Sueur
Primates 60 (3), 163-165, 2019
Social style and resilience of macaques’ networks, a theoretical investigation
I Puga-Gonzalez, S Sosa, C Sueur
Primates 60 (3), 233-246, 2019
Interacting with human simulations: a prototype application
I Puga-Gonzalez, SY Diallo
Proceedings of the Annual Simulation Symposium, 22, 2019
Minority Integration in a Western City: An Agent-Based Modelling Approach
I Puga-Gonzalez, D Voas, WJ Wildman, SY Diallo, FLR Shults
Human Simulation: Perspectives, Insights, and Applications, 179-190, 2019
Incredulous scandinavians: an agent-based model of the spread of secularism
I Puga-Gonzalez, FLR Shults, WJ Wildman, S Diallo
Proceedings of the 2018 Winter Simulation Conference, 4192-4193, 2018
Exchange Behavior
I Puga-Gonzalez
Proximate Mechanisms Underlying Primates' Complex Social Networks: A Modelling and Comparative Approach
I Puga-Gonzalez, J Ostner, O Schuelke, S Sosa, B Thierry, C Sueur
FOLIA PRIMATOLOGICA 88 (2), 126-127, 2017
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