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New Percolative BaTiO3–Ni Composites with a High and Frequency‐Independent Dielectric Constant (ϵr ≈ 80000)
C Pecharroman, F Esteban‐Betegon, JF Bartolome, S Lopez‐Esteban, ...
Advanced Materials 13 (20), 1541-1544, 2001
Experimental evidence of a giant capacitance in insulator–conductor composites at the percolation threshold
C Pecharromán, JS Moya
Advanced Materials 12 (4), 294-297, 2000
The challenge of ceramic/metal microcomposites and nanocomposites
JS Moya, S Lopez-Esteban, C Pecharromán
Progress in materials science 52 (7), 1017-1090, 2007
Scaling the h-index for different scientific ISI fields
JE Iglesias, C Pecharromán
Scientometrics 73 (3), 303-320, 2007
Thermal evolution of transitional aluminas followed by NMR and IR spectroscopies
C Pecharroman, I Sobrados, JE Iglesias, T Gonzalez-Carreno, J Sanz
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 103 (30), 6160-6170, 1999
Antibacterial activity of copper monodispersed nanoparticles into sepiolite
A Esteban-Cubillo, C Pecharromán, E Aguilar, J Santarén, JS Moya
Journal of materials science 41 (16), 5208-5212, 2006
The infrared dielectric properties of maghemite, γ-Fe2O3, from reflectance measurement on pressed powders
C Pecharromán, T Gonzalez-Carreno, JE Iglesias
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 22 (1), 21-29, 1995
Drastic surface plasmon mode shifts in gold nanorods due to electron charging
P Mulvaney, J Pérez-Juste, M Giersig, LM Liz-Marzán, C Pecharromán
Plasmonics 1 (1), 61-66, 2006
Structural characteristics of uniform γ-Fe2O3 particles with different axial (length/width) ratios
MP Morales, C Pecharroman, TG Carreñ, CJ Serna
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 108 (1), 158-163, 1994
Antibacterial and antifungal activity of a soda-lime glass containing copper nanoparticles
L Esteban-Tejeda, F Malpartida, A Esteban-Cubillo, C Pecharromán, ...
Nanotechnology 20 (50), 505701, 2009
Relationship between Activation Energy and Bottleneck Size for Li+ Ion Conduction in NASICON Materials of Composition LiMM‘(PO4)3; M, M‘ = Ge, Ti, Sn, Hf
A Martínez-Juárez, C Pecharromán, JE Iglesias, JM Rojo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 102 (2), 372-375, 1998
Optical constants of tetragonal and cubic zirconias in the infrared
C Pecharroman, M Ocana, CJ Serna
Journal of applied physics 80 (6), 3479-3483, 1996
Effective dielectric properties of packed mixtures of insulator particles
C Pecharromán, JE Iglesias
Physical Review B 49 (11), 7137, 1994
The antibacterial and antifungal activity of a soda-lime glass containing silver nanoparticles
L Esteban-Tejeda, F Malpartida, A Esteban-Cubillo, C Pecharroman, ...
Nanotechnology 20 (8), 085103, 2009
Neutron scattering evidence for localized soft modes in amorphous polymers
U Buchenau, C Pecharroman, R Zorn, B Frick
Physical review letters 77 (4), 659, 1996
Nanostructured ceramic oxides with a slow crack growth resistance close to covalent materials
J Chevalier, S Deville, G Fantozzi, JF Bartolomé, C Pecharroman, ...
Nano letters 5 (7), 1297-1301, 2005
Synthesis, thermal evolution, and luminescence properties of yttrium disilicate host matrix
M Diaz, C Pecharroman, F Del Monte, J Sanz, JE Iglesias, JS Moya, ...
Chemistry of materials 17 (7), 1774-1782, 2005
Percolative mechanism of aging in zirconia‐containing ceramics for medical applications
C Pecharromán, JF Bartolomé, J Requena, JS Moya, S Deville, ...
Advanced Materials 15 (6), 507-511, 2003
Monodisperse and Corrosion‐Resistant Metallic Nanoparticles Embedded into Sepiolite Particles for Optical and Magnetic Applications
C Pecharromán, A Esteban‐Cubillo, I Montero, JS Moya, E Aguilar, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 89 (10), 3043-3049, 2006
Redshift of surface plasmon modes of small gold rods due to their atomic roughness and end-cap geometry
C Pecharromán, J Pérez-Juste, G Mata-Osoro, LM Liz-Marzán, ...
Physical Review B 77 (3), 035418, 2008
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