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Nicola Festuccia
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Esrrb is a direct Nanog target gene that can substitute for Nanog function in pluripotent cells
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OCT4/SOX2‐independent Nanog autorepression modulates heterogeneous Nanog gene expression in mouse ES cells
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Mitotic binding of Esrrb marks key regulatory regions of the pluripotency network
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Mitotic bookmarking in development and stem cells
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Esrrb, an estrogen‐related receptor involved in early development, pluripotency, and reprogramming
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CTCF confers local nucleosome resiliency after DNA replication and during mitosis
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Innate-like effector differentiation of human invariant NKT cells driven by IL-7
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Esrrb complementation rescues development of Nanog-null germ cells
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The epigenetic paradox of pluripotent ES cells
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Esrrb extinction triggers dismantling of naïve pluripotency and marks commitment to differentiation
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Quantification of pluripotency transcription factor levels in embryonic stem cells by flow cytometry
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The combined action of Esrrb and Nr5a2 is essential for naïve pluripotency
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The combined action of Esrrb and Nr5a2 is essential for murine naïve pluripotency
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Nanog, pluripotency and the germline revisited
HG Leitch, M Zhang, WWC Tang, N Festuccia, J Nichols, MA Surani, ...
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