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Interdependency of subsurface carbon distribution and graphene–catalyst interaction
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Bringing Conducting Polymers to High Order: Toward Conductivities beyond 105 S cm−1 and Thermoelectric Power Factors of 2 mW m−1 K−2
V Vijayakumar, Y Zhong, V Untilova, M Bahri, L Herrmann, L Biniek, ...
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Quantitative evaluation of microtwins and antiphase defects in GaP/Si nanolayers for a III–V photonics platform on silicon using a laboratory X-ray diffraction setup
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GaSb-based composite quantum wells for laser diodes operating in the telecom wavelength range near 1.55-μm
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Bimetallic Phosphide (Ni,Cu)2P Nanoparticles by Inward Phosphorus Migration and Outward Copper Migration
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Zinc-blende group III-V/group IV epitaxy: Importance of the miscut
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Nanoscale 10 (31), 14957-14965, 2018
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