Frédéric Monette
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Metal removal through synergic coagulation–flocculation using an optimized chitosan–montmorillonite system
E Assaad, A Azzouz, D Nistor, AV Ursu, T Sajin, DN Miron, F Monette, ...
Applied Clay Science 37 (3-4), 258-274, 2007
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A Azzouz, D Nistor, D Miron, AV Ursu, T Sajin, F Monette, P Niquette, ...
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M Frederic, L Samir, M Louise, A Abdelkrim
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Intrinsic growth rate: a new approach to evaluate the effects of temperature, photoperiod and phosphorus–nitrogen concentrations on duckweed growth under controlled eutrophication
S Lasfar, F Monette, L Millette, A Azzouz
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Impacts of substituting aluminum-based coagulants in drinking water treatment
P Niquette, F Monette, A Azzouz, R Hausler
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Analysis of the influence of rainfall variables on urban effluents concentrations and fluxes in wet weather
EG Bi, F Monette, J Gasperi
Journal of Hydrology 523, 320-332, 2015
Which downscaled rainfall data for climate change impact studies in urban areas? Review of current approaches and trends
E Gooré Bi, P Gachon, M Vrac, F Monette
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Comparison of black water source-separation and conventional sanitation systems using life cycle assessment
C Thibodeau, F Monette, C Bulle, M Glaus
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Comparison of development scenarios of a black water source-separation sanitation system using life cycle assessment and environmental life cycle costing
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Effective and selective nitrate electroreduction into nitrogen through synergistic parameter interactions
B Talhi, F Monette, A Azzouz
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Quantitative and qualitative assessment of the impact of climate change on a combined sewer overflow and its receiving water body
E Gooré Bi, F Monette, P Gachon, J Gasperi, Y Perrodin
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The major parameters on biomass pyrolysis for hyperaccumulative plants–a review
RT Dilks, F Monette, M Glaus
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Assessment of the ecotoxicological risk of combined sewer overflows for an aquatic system using a coupled “substance and bioassay” approach
E Gooré Bi, F Monette, J Gasperi, Y Perrodin
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Ozonation of oxalic acid catalyzed by ion-exchanged montmorillonite in moderately acidic media
A Azzouz, A Kotbi, P Niquette, T Sajin, A Ursu, A Rami, F Monette, ...
Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis 99 (2), 289-302, 2010
Modelling nitrification of a lagoon effluent in moving-bed biofilm reactors
D Houweling, F Monette, L Millette, Y Comeau
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Valorisation des résidus industriels de pêches pour la transformation de chitosane par technique hydrothermo-chimique
TO Truong, R Hausler, F Monette, P Niquette
Revue des Sciences de l'Eau 20 (3), 253-262, 2007
Economic viability and critical influencing factors assessment of black water and grey water source-separation sanitation system
C Thibodeau, F Monette, M Glaus, CB Laflamme
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Traitement des eaux usées par coagulation-floculation avec recirculation des boues chimiques: Performance générale et stabilité du procédé
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T Truong, R Hausler, F Monette, P Niquette
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Aluminosilicate-catalyzed electroreduction of nitrate anion—An approach through alkalinity analysis
A Enmili, A Azzouz, VA Arus, F Monette
Electrochimica Acta 222, 1064-1071, 2016
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