H. I. Faraoun
H. I. Faraoun
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Full potential calculation of structural, elastic and electronic properties of BaZrO3 and SrZrO3
R Terki, H Feraoun, G Bertrand, H Aourag
Physica status solidi (b) 242 (5), 1054-1062, 2005
Crystalline, electronic, and magnetic structures of θ-Fe3C, χ-Fe5C2, and η-Fe2C from first principle calculation
HI Faraoun, YD Zhang, C Esling, H Aourag
Journal of applied physics 99 (9), 2006
Improvement of thermally sprayed abradable coating by microstructure control
HI Faraoun, T Grosdidier, JL Seichepine, D Goran, H Aourag, C Coddet, ...
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First principles calculations of structural, elastic and electronic properties of XO2 (X = Zr, Hf and Th) in fluorite phase
R Terki, H Feraoun, G Bertrand, H Aourag
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Modelling route for abradable coatings
HI Faraoun, JL Seichepine, C Coddet, H Aourag, J Zwick, N Hopkins, ...
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Elastic properties and bonding of the AgGaSe2 chalcopyrite
T Ouahrani, A Otero-de-la-Roza, AH Reshak, R Khenata, HI Faraoun, ...
Physica B: Condensed Matter 405 (17), 3658-3664, 2010
First-principle prediction of half-metallic ferrimagnetism in Mn-based full-Heusler alloys with highly ordered structure
H Zenasni, HI Faraoun, C Esling
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 333, 162-168, 2013
Energetics and electronic properties of vacancies, anti-sites, and atomic defects (B, C, and N) in B2-FeAl alloys
A Kellou, HI Feraoun, T Grosdidier, C Coddet, H Aourag
Acta materialia 52 (11), 3263-3271, 2004
Elastic properties of binary NiAl, NiCr and AlCr and ternary Ni2AlCr alloys from molecular dynamic and Abinitio simulation
H Faraoun, H Aourag, C Esling, JL Seichepine, C Coddet
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Theoretical studies of substoichiometric CuI
H Feraoun, H Aourag, M Certier
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Full potential linearized augmented plane wave investigations of structural and electronic properties of pyrochlore systems
R Terki, H Feraoun, G Bertrand, H Aourag
Journal of applied physics 96 (11), 6482-6487, 2004
Ab initio investigation of Al/Mo2B interfacial adhesion
HS Abdelkader, HI Faraoun
Computational Materials Science 50 (3), 880-885, 2011
HVOF-sprayed Tribaloy©-400: Microstructure and first principle calculations
T Sahraoui, HI Feraoun, N Fenineche, G Montavon, H Aourag, C Coddet
Materials Letters 58 (19), 2433-2436, 2004
Structure, bonding and stability of semi-carbides M2C and sub-carbides M4C (M= V, Cr, Nb, Mo, Ta, W): A first principles investigation
FZ Abderrahim, HI Faraoun, T Ouahrani
Physica B: Condensed Matter 407 (18), 3833-3838, 2012
Structural and mechanical properties of Laves phases YCu2 and YZn2: First principles calculation analyzed with data mining approach
F Saidi, MK Benabadji, HI Faraoun, H Aourag
Computational materials science 89, 176-181, 2014
The effect of hydrogen on the mechanical properties of FeTi for hydrogen storage applications
K Benyelloul, Y Bouhadda, M Bououdina, HI Faraoun, H Aourag, ...
International journal of hydrogen energy 39 (24), 12667-12675, 2014
Ab initio calculations and experimental studies of site substitution of ternary elements in WC
T Sahraoui, A Kellou, HI Faraoun, N Fenineche, H Aourag, C Coddet
Materials Science and Engineering: B 107 (1), 1-7, 2004
Mechanical properties and bonding feature of the YAg, CeAg, HoCu, LaAg, LaZn, and LaMg rare-earth intermetallic compounds: An ab initio study
A Sekkal, A Benzair, T Ouahrani, HI Faraoun, G Merad, H Aourag, ...
Intermetallics 45, 65-70, 2014
Electronic structure of some mono-, semi-titanium boride and diboride
B Mouffok, H Feraoun, H Aourag
Materials Letters 60 (12), 1433-1436, 2006
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