Vincent Guillemot
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Variable selection for generalized canonical correlation analysis
A Tenenhaus, C Philippe, V Guillemot, KA Le Cao, J Grill, V Frouin
Biostatistics 15 (3), 569-583, 2014
Over-optimism in bioinformatics: an illustration
M Jelizarow, V Guillemot, A Tenenhaus, K Strimmer, AL Boulesteix
Bioinformatics 26 (16), 1990-1998, 2010
Significant correlation between a set of genetic polymorphisms and a functional brain network revealed by feature selection and sparse Partial Least Squares
É Le Floch, V Guillemot, V Frouin, P Pinel, C Lalanne, L Trinchera, ...
Neuroimage 63 (1), 11-24, 2012
Distance between homologous chromosomes results from chromosome positioning constraints
C Heride, M Ricoul, K Kiêu, J von Hase, V Guillemot, C Cremer, ...
Journal of cell science 123 (23), 4063-4075, 2010
Clinical-genetic model predicts incident impulse control disorders in Parkinson's disease
J Kraemmer, K Smith, D Weintraub, V Guillemot, MA Nalls, ...
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 87 (10), 1106-1111, 2016
Gene association networks from microarray data using a regularized estimation of partial correlation based on PLS regression
A Tenenhaus, V Guillemot, X Gidrol, V Frouin
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 7 (2), 251-262, 2008
Adaptive human immunity drives remyelination in a mouse model of demyelination
M El Behi, C Sanson, C Bachelin, L Guillot-Noël, J Fransson, B Stankoff, ...
Brain 140 (4), 967-980, 2017
Single‐voxel 1H spectroscopy in the human hippocampus at 3 T using the LASER sequence: characterization of neurochemical profile and reproducibility
N Allaïli, R Valabrègue, EJ Auerbach, V Guillemot, L Yahia‐Cherif, ...
NMR in Biomedicine 28 (10), 1209-1217, 2015
Receptor kinase profiles identify a rationale for multitarget kinase inhibition in immature T-ALL
L Lhermitte, RB Abdelali, P Villarese, N Bedjaoui, V Guillemot, ...
Leukemia 27 (2), 305-314, 2013
Canonical Correlation Analysis.
H Abdi, V Guillemot, A Eslami, D Beaton
Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining. 2nd Ed., 2018
Covariate selection for association screening in multiphenotype genetic studies
H Aschard, V Guillemot, B Vilhjalmsson, CJ Patel, D Skurnik, JY Chun, ...
Nature genetics 49 (12), 1789, 2017
A strategy for multimodal data integration: application to biomarkers identification in spinocerebellar ataxia
I Garali, IM Adanyeguh, F Ichou, V Perlbarg, A Seyer, B Colsch, I Moszer, ...
Briefings in bioinformatics 19 (6), 1356-1369, 2018
Hypomorphic variants of cationic amino acid transporter 3 in males with autism spectrum disorders
C Nava, J Rupp, JP Boissel, C Mignot, A Rastetter, C Amiet, A Jacquette, ...
Amino acids 47 (12), 2647-2658, 2015
Graph-Constrained Discriminant Analysis of functional genomics data
V Guillemot, L Le Brusquet, A Tenenhaus, V Frouin
2008 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomeidcine …, 2008
Adjusting for principal components of molecular phenotypes induces replicating false positives
A Dahl, V Guillemot, J Mefford, H Aschard, N Zaitlen
Genetics 211 (4), 1179-1189, 2019
Transcriptome analysis of peripheral blood in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy patients identifies TNFR1 and TLR pathways in the IVIg response
A Richard, JC Corvol, R Debs, P Reach, K Tahiri, W Carpentier, ...
Medicine 95 (19), 2016
Dimension reduction and regularization combined with partial least squares in high dimensional imaging genetics studies
E Le Floch, L Trinchera, V Guillemot, A Tenenhaus, JB Poline, V Frouin, ...
New Perspectives in Partial Least Squares and Related Methods, 147-158, 2013
Graph constrained discriminant analysis: A new method for the integration of a graph into a classification process
V Guillemot, A Tenenhaus, L Le Brusquet, V Frouin
PloS one 6 (10), 2011
An iterative smoothing algorithm for regression with structured sparsity
F Hadj-Selem, T Lofstedt, V Frouin, V Guillemot, E Duchesnay
arXiv preprint arXiv:1605.09658, 2016
Continuation of Nesterov’s smoothing for regression with structured sparsity in high-dimensional neuroimaging
F Hadj-Selem, T Löfstedt, E Dohmatob, V Frouin, M Dubois, V Guillemot, ...
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 37 (11), 2403-2413, 2018
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