Houssaye Alexandra
Houssaye Alexandra
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“Pachyostosis” in aquatic amniotes: a review
A Houssaye
Integrative Zoology 4 (4), 325-340, 2009
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N Bardet, J Falconnet, V Fischer, A Houssaye, S Jouve, XP Suberbiola, ...
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A Houssaye
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Three-dimensional pelvis and limb anatomy of the Cenomanian hind-limbed snake Eupodophis descouensi (Squamata, Ophidia) revealed by synchrotron …
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Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2015
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N Bardet, A Houssaye, P Vincent, XP Suberbiola, M Amaghzaz, E Jourani, ...
Gondwana Research 27 (3), 1068-1078, 2015
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