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Accuracy of patient dose calculation for lung IMRT: A comparison of Monte Carlo, convolution/superposition, and pencil beam computations
B Vanderstraeten, N Reynaert, L Paelinck, I Madani, C De Wagter, ...
Medical physics 33 (9), 3149-3158, 2006
Monte Carlo treatment planning for photon and electron beams
N Reynaert, SC Van der Marck, DR Schaart, W Van der Zee, ...
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 76 (4), 643-686, 2007
On the accuracy of monomer/polymer gel dosimetry in the proximity of a high-dose-rate 192Ir source
Y De Deene, N Reynaert, C De Wagter
Physics in Medicine & Biology 46 (11), 2801, 2001
Underdosage of the upper‐airway mucosa for small fields as used in intensity‐modulated radiation therapy: A comparison between radiochromic film measurements, Monte Carlo …
C Martens, N Reynaert, C De Wagter, P Nilsson, M Coghe, H Palmans, ...
Medical physics 29 (7), 1528-1535, 2002
Conversion of CT numbers into tissue parameters for Monte Carlo dose calculations: a multi-centre study
B Vanderstraeten, PW Chin, M Fix, A Leal, G Mora, N Reynaert, J Seco, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 52 (3), 539, 2007
Monte Carlo evaluation of the AAA treatment planning algorithm in a heterogeneous multilayer phantom and IMRT clinical treatments for an Elekta SL25 linear accelerator
E Sterpin, M Tomsej, B De Smedt, N Reynaert, S Vynckier
Medical physics 34 (5), 1665-1677, 2007
The influence of small field sizes, penumbra, spot size and measurement depth on perturbation factors for microionization chambers
F Crop, N Reynaert, G Pittomvils, L Paelinck, C De Wagter, L Vakaet, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 54 (9), 2951, 2009
Experimental verification of lung dose with radiochromic film: comparison with Monte Carlo simulations and commercially available treatment planning systems
L Paelinck, N Reynaert, H Thierens, W De Neve, C De Wagter
Physics in Medicine & Biology 50 (9), 2055, 2005
Monte Carlo model of the Elekta SLiplus accelerator: validation of a new MLC component module in BEAM for a 6 MV beam
J Van de Walle, C Martens, N Reynaert, H Palmans, M Coghe, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 48 (3), 371, 2003
Parameter dependence of the MCNP electron transport in determining dose distributions
N Reynaert, H Palmans, H Thierens, R Jeraj
Medical physics 29 (10), 2446-2454, 2002
Dosimetric comparison of different treatment modalities for stereotactic radiosurgery of arteriovenous malformations and acoustic neuromas
T Gevaert, M Levivier, T Lacornerie, D Verellen, B Engels, N Reynaert, ...
Radiotherapy and Oncology 106 (2), 192-197, 2013
MCDE: a new Monte Carlo dose engine for IMRT
N Reynaert, B De Smedt, M Coghe, L Paelinck, B Van Duyse, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 49 (14), N235, 2004
Monte Carlo modeling of the ModuLeaf miniature MLC for small field dosimetry and quality assurance of the clinical treatment planning system
F Crop, N Reynaert, G Pittomvils, L Paelinck, W De Gersem, C De Wagter, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 52 (11), 3275, 2007
Dosimetry of 192Ir sources used for endovascular brachytherapy
N Reynaert, M Van Eijkeren, Y Taeymans, H Thierens
Physics in Medicine & Biology 46 (2), 499, 2001
Dosimetric characterization of MRI‐only treatment planning for brain tumors in atlas‐based pseudo‐CT images generated from standard T1‐weighted MR images
B Demol, C Boydev, J Korhonen, N Reynaert
Medical physics 43 (12), 6557-6568, 2016
Use of a liquid ionization chamber for stereotactic radiotherapy dosimetry
A Wagner, F Crop, T Lacornerie, F Vandevelde, N Reynaert
Physics in Medicine & Biology 58 (8), 2445, 2013
GTV-based prescription in SBRT for lung lesions using advanced dose calculation algorithms
T Lacornerie, A Lisbona, X Mirabel, E Lartigau, N Reynaert
Radiation Oncology 9 (1), 223, 2014
Comparison of dose–volume histograms of IMRT treatment plans for ethmoid sinus cancer computed by advanced treatment planning systems including Monte Carlo
L Paelinck, B De Smedt, N Reynaert, M Coghe, W De Gersem, ...
Radiotherapy and oncology 81 (3), 250-256, 2006
It is important that medical physicists be involved in the development and implementation of integrated hospital information systems
GC Nikiforidis, GC Kagadis, CG Orton
Medical physics 33 (12), 4455-4458, 2006
The value of radiochromic film dosimetry around air cavities: experimental results and Monte Carlo simulations
L Paelinck, N Reynaert, H Thierens, C De Wagter, W De Neve
Physics in Medicine & Biology 48 (13), 1895, 2003
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