Monica Morales-Masis
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Transparent electrodes for efficient optoelectronics
M Morales‐Masis, S De Wolf, R Woods‐Robinson, JW Ager, C Ballif
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Sputtered rear electrode with broadband transparency for perovskite solar cells
J Werner, G Dubuis, A Walter, P Löper, SJ Moon, S Nicolay, ...
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M Morales-Masis, SJ Van der Molen, WT Fu, MB Hesselberth, ...
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An Indium‐Free Anode for Large‐Area Flexible OLEDs: Defect‐Free Transparent Conductive Zinc Tin Oxide
M Morales‐Masis, F Dauzou, Q Jeangros, A Dabirian, H Lifka, R Gierth, ...
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JJT Wagenaar, M Morales-Masis, JM Van Ruitenbeek
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HF Wardenga, MV Frischbier, M Morales-Masis, A Klein
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c-texture versus a-texture low pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition ZnO films: Lower resistivity despite smaller grain size
L Fanni, BA Aebersold, DTL Alexander, L Ding, MM Masis, S Nicolay, ...
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Bulk and surface nucleation processes in AgS conductance switches
M Morales-Masis, SJ Van der Molen, T Hasegawa, JM Van Ruitenbeek
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Toward Annealing‐Stable Molybdenum‐Oxide‐Based Hole‐Selective Contacts For Silicon Photovoltaics
S Essig, J Dréon, E Rucavado, M Mews, T Koida, M Boccard, J Werner, ...
Solar RRL 2 (4), 1700227, 2018
Highly Conductive and Broadband Transparent Zr-Doped In2O3as Front Electrode for Solar Cells
M Morales-Masis, E Rucavado, R Monnard, L Barraud, J Holovský, ...
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M Morales-Masis, HD Wiemhöfer, JM Van Ruitenbeek
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G Nogay, A Ingenito, E Rucavado, Q Jeangros, J Stuckelberger, P Wyss, ...
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Hydrogen plasma treatment for improved conductivity in amorphous aluminum doped zinc tin oxide thin films
M Morales-Masis, L Ding, F Dauzou, Q Jeangros, A Hessler-Wyser, ...
APL materials 2 (9), 096113, 2014
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P Dreyer, M Morales-Masis, S Nicolay, C Ballif, J Perruisseau-Carrier
IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation 62 (7), 3813-3818, 2014
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