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K Pedoja, L Husson, V Regard, PR Cobbold, E Ostanciaux, ME Johnson, ...
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K Pedoja, JW Shen, S Kershaw, C Tang
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Does Kamchatka belong to North America? An extruding Okhotsk block suggested by coastal neotectonics of the Ozernoi Peninsula, Kamchatka, Russia
K Pedoja, J Bourgeois, T Pinegina, B Higman
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On the long-lasting sequences of coral reef terraces from SE Sulawesi (Indonesia): Distribution, formation, and global significance
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L Husson, AM Pastier, K Pedoja, M Elliot, D Paillard, C Authemayou, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 19 (4), 1148-1164, 2018
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