Saron Catak
Saron Catak
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Regioselectivity in the ring opening of non-activated aziridines
S Stanković, M D'hooghe, S Catak, H Eum, M Waroquier, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 41 (2), 643-665, 2012
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S Catak, G Monard, V Aviyente, MF Ruiz-López
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Intramolecular π−π Stacking Interactions in 2-Substituted N,N-Dibenzylaziridinium Ions and Their Regioselectivity in Nucleophilic Ring-Opening Reactions
S Catak, M D’hooghe, N De Kimpe, M Waroquier, V Van Speybroeck
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Scope and mechanism of the (4+ 3) cycloaddition reaction of furfuryl cations
JM Winne, S Catak, M Waroquier, V Van Speybroeck
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Opposite regiospecific ring opening of 2-(cyanomethyl) aziridines by hydrogen bromide and benzyl bromide: experimental study and theoretical rationalization
S Catak, M D’hooghe, T Verstraelen, K Hemelsoet, A Van Nieuwenhove, ...
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A Ghysels, V Van Speybroeck, E Pauwels, S Catak, BR Brooks, ...
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PJM Bouten, D Hertsen, M Vergaelen, BD Monnery, MA Boerman, ...
Polymer Chemistry 6 (4), 514-518, 2015
Systematic study of halide-induced ring opening of 2-substituted aziridinium salts and theoretical rationalization of the reaction pathways
M D'hooghe, S Catak, S Stanković, M Waroquier, Y Kim, HJ Ha, ...
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Stereoselective Synthesis of cis-3,4-Disubstituted Piperidines through Ring Transformation of 2-(2-Mesyloxyethyl)azetidines
K Mollet, S Catak, M Waroquier, V Van Speybroeck, M D’hooghe, ...
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Computational studies on Cinchona alkaloid-catalyzed asymmetric organic reactions
G Tanriver, B Dedeoglu, S Catak, V Aviyente
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Synthesis of poly (2‐oxazoline) s with side chain methyl ester functionalities: Detailed understanding of living copolymerization behavior of methyl ester containing monomers …
PJM Bouten, D Hertsen, M Vergaelen, BD Monnery, S Catak, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 53 (22), 2649-2661, 2015
Mechanism of the Forbidden [3s, 5s]‐Sigmatropic Shift: Orbital Symmetry Influences Stepwise Mechanisms Involving Diradical Intermediates
AG Leach, S Catak, KN Houk
Chemistry–A European Journal 8 (6), 1290-1299, 2002
Furan‐Oxidation‐Triggered Inducible DNA Cross‐Linking: Acyclic Versus Cyclic Furan‐Containing Building Blocks—On the Benefit of Restoring the Cyclic Sugar Backbone
K Stevens, DD Claeys, S Catak, S Figaroli, M Hocek, JM Tromp, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (25), 6940-6953, 2011
Design of a thermally controlled sequence of triazolinedione-based click and transclick reactions
HA Houck, K De Bruycker, S Billiet, B Dhanis, H Goossens, S Catak, ...
Chemical science 8 (4), 3098-3108, 2017
M. D′ hooghe, H. Goossens, KA Tehrani, P. Bogaert, M. Waroquier, VV Speybroeck and ND Kimpe
S Stankovic, S Catak
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Access to functionalized 3-amino-benzothiophenes using keteniminium intermediates
A Lumbroso, J Behra, A Kolleth, PY Dakas, U Karadeniz, S Catak, ...
Tetrahedron Letters 56 (47), 6541-6545, 2015
Synthesis of 2‐Hydroxy‐1, 4‐oxazin‐3‐ones through Ring Transformation of 3‐Hydroxy‐4‐(1, 2‐dihydroxyethyl)‐β‐lactams and a Study of Their Reactivity
K Mollet, H Goossens, N Piens, S Catak, M Waroquier, KW Törnroos, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (10), 3383-3396, 2013
Solvent-controlled selective transformation of 2-bromomethyl-2-methylaziridines to functionalized aziridines and azetidines
S Stanković, H Goossens, S Catak, M Tezcan, M Waroquier, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 77 (7), 3181-3190, 2012
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