Stephanie J. Florczyk
Stephanie J. Florczyk
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Chitosan–alginate 3D scaffolds as a mimic of the glioma tumor microenvironment
FM Kievit, SJ Florczyk, MC Leung, O Veiseh, JO Park, ML Disis, M Zhang
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SJ Florczyk, K Wang, S Jana, DL Wood, SK Sytsma, JG Sham, FM Kievit, ...
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Ethical issues in nanotechnology
SJ Florczyk
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A method for the evaluation of thousands of automated 3D stem cell segmentations
P Bajcsy, M Simon, SJ Florczyk, CG Simon Jr, D Juba, MC Brady
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Z Wang, SJ Florczyk
Materials 13 (2), 354, 2020
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