Anton Chyrkin
Anton Chyrkin
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Sub-scale depletion and enrichment processes during high temperature oxidation of the nickel base alloy 625 in the temperature range 900–1000 C
A Chyrkin, P Huczkowski, V Shemet, L Singheiser, WJ Quadakkers
Oxidation of Metals 75 (3), 143-166, 2011
Modeling carbide dissolution in alloy 602 CA during high temperature oxidation
A Chyrkin, R Pillai, H Ackermann, H Hattendorf, S Richter, W Nowak, ...
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A Chyrkin, WG Sloof, R Pillai, T Galiullin, D Grüner, L Singheiser, ...
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A new computational approach for modelling the microstructural evolution and residual lifetime assessment of MCrAlY coatings
R Pillai, WG Sloof, A Chyrkin, L Singheiser, WJ Quadakkers
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Long-term behaviour of solid oxide fuel cell interconnect materials in contact with Ni-mesh during exposure in simulated anode gas at 700 and 800 C
L Garcia-Fresnillo, V Shemet, A Chyrkin, LGJ De Haart, WJ Quadakkers
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Overview on recent developments of bondcoats for plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings
D Naumenko, R Pillai, A Chyrkin, WJ Quadakkers
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A Chyrkin, N Mortazavi, M Halvarsson, D Grüner, WJ Quadakkers
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A simple expression for predicting the oxidation limited life of thin components manufactured from FCC high temperature alloys
DJ Young, A Chyrkin, WJ Quadakkers
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Effect of gas flow rate on oxidation behaviour of alloy 625 in wet air in the temperature range 900–1000 C
P Huczkowski, W Lehnert, HH Angermann, A Chyrkin, R Pillai, D Grüner, ...
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High-temperature and electrochemical oxidation of transition metal silicides
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Oxidation Limited Lifetime of Ni‐Base Metal Foams in the Temperature Range 700–900° C
A Chyrkin, SL Schulze, J Pirón‐Abellán, W Bleck, L Singheiser, ...
Advanced Engineering Materials 12 (9), 873-883, 2010
Modeling interdiffusion processes in CMSX-10/Ni diffusion couple
A Chyrkin, A Epishin, R Pillai, T Link, G Nolze, WJ Quadakkers
Journal of phase equilibria and diffusion 37 (2), 201-211, 2016
Oxide scale formation and subsurface phase transformations during long‐term steam exposure of the cobalt base alloy 25
L García Fresnillo, A Chyrkin, T Hüttel, C Böhme, J Barnikel, D Grüner, ...
Materials and Corrosion 63 (10), 878-888, 2012
Subsurface depletion and enrichment processes during oxidation of a high chromium, laves-phase strengthened ferritic steel
C Asensio, A Chyrkin, L Niewolak, V Konoval, H Hattendorf, B Kuhn, ...
Electrochemical and Solid State Letters 14 (8), P17, 2011
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External α-Al2O3 scale on Ni-base alloy 602 CA.–Part I: Formation and long-term stability
A Chyrkin, R Pillai, T Galiullin, E Wessel, D Grüner, WJ Quadakkers
Corrosion science 124, 138-149, 2017
Predicting oxidation-limited lifetime of thin-walled components of NiCrW alloy 230
R Duan, A Jalowicka, K Unocic, BA Pint, P Huczkowski, A Chyrkin, ...
Oxidation of metals 87 (1-2), 11-38, 2017
Effect of specimen thickness on microstructural changes during oxidation of the NiCrW Alloy 230 at 950–1050 C
A Jalowicka, R Duan, P Huczkowski, A Chyrkin, D Grüner, BA Pint, ...
Jom 67 (11), 2573-2588, 2015
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