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Sandrine Ladevèze
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Cranial anatomy of the earliest marsupials and the origin of opossums
I Horovitz, T Martin, J Bloch, S Ladeveze, C Kurz, MR Sánchez-Villagra
PLoS One 4 (12), e8278, 2009
Alcidedorbignya inopinata, a basal pantodont (Placentalia, Mammalia) from the early Palaeocene of Bolivia: anatomy, phylogeny and palaeobiology
C De Muizon, G Billet, C Argot, S Ladevèze, F Goussard
Geodiversitas 37 (4), 397-634, 2015
Exceptionally preserved North American Paleogene metatherians: adaptations and discovery of a major gap in the opossum fossil record
M Sánchez-Villagra, S Ladevèze, I Horovitz, C Argot, JJ Hooker, ...
Biology Letters 3 (3), 318-322, 2007
The anatomy of Herpetotherium cf. fugax Cope, 1873, a metatherian from the Oligocene of North America.
I Horovitz, S Ladevèze, C Argot, TE Macrini, T Martin, J Hooker, C Kurz, ...
Palaeontographica 284, 109-141, 2008
Testing for Depéret's rule (body size increase) in mammals using combined extinct and extant data
F Bokma, M Godinot, O Maridet, S Ladevèze, L Costeur, F Solé, ...
Systematic biology 65 (1), 98-108, 2016
First skull of Orthaspidotherium edwardsi (Mammalia, “Condylarthra”) from the late Paleocene of Berru (France) and phylogenetic affinities of the enigmatic …
S Ladevèze, P Missiaen, T Smith
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 30 (5), 1559-1578, 2010
Petrosal and inner ear anatomy and allometry amongst specimens referred to Litopterna (Placentalia)
G Billet, C De Muizon, R Schellhorn, I Ruf, S Ladevèze, L Bergqvist
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 173 (4), 956-987, 2015
Allqokirus australis (Sparassodonta, Metatheria) from the early Palaeocene of Tiupampa (Bolivia) and the rise of the metatherian carnivorous radiation in South America
C De Muizon, S Ladevèze, C Selva, R Vignaud, F Goussard
Geodiversitas 40 (3), 363-459, 2018
Earliest evidence of mammalian social behaviour in the basal Tertiary of Bolivia
S Ladeveze, C de Muizon, RMD Beck, D Germain, R Cespedes-Paz
Nature 474 (7349), 83-86, 2011
Evidence of early evolution of Australidelphia (Metatheria, Mammalia) in South America: phylogenetic relationships of the metatherians from the Late Palaeocene of Itaboraí …
S Ladeveze, C De Muizon
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 159 (3), 746-784, 2010
Metatherian petrosals from the late Paleocene of Itaboraí, Brazil, and their phylogenetic implications
S Ladevèze
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 24 (1), 202-213, 2004
The auditory region of early Paleocene Pucadelphydae (Mammalia, Metatheria) from Tiupampa, Bolivia, with phylogenetic implications
S Ladeveze, C De Muizon
Palaeontology 50 (5), 1123-1153, 2007
Endocranial morphology of Palaeocene Plesiadapis tricuspidens and evolution of the early primate brain
MJ Orliac, S Ladevèze, PD Gingerich, R Lebrun, T Smith
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1781), 20132792, 2014
Petrosal anatomy in the fossil mammal Necrolestes: evidence for metatherian affinities and comparisons with the extant marsupial mole
S Ladevèze, RJ Asher, MR Sánchez‐Villagra
Journal of Anatomy 213 (6), 686-697, 2008
Evolution of the hypercarnivorous dentition in mammals (Metatheria, Eutheria) and its bearing on the development of tribosphenic molars
F Solé, S Ladevèze
Evolution & Development 19 (2), 56-68, 2017
3D computational imaging of the petrosal of a new multituberculate mammal from the Late Cretaceous of China and its paleobiologic inferences
S Ladevèze, C de Muizon, M Colbert, T Smith
Comptes Rendus Palevol 9 (6-7), 319-330, 2010
Global elongation and high shape flexibility as an evolutionary hypothesis of accommodating mammalian brains into skulls
V Weisbecker, T Rowe, S Wroe, TE Macrini, KLS Garland, KJ Travouillon, ...
Evolution 75 (3), 625-640, 2021
Petrosal bones of metatherian mammals from the late Palaeocene of Itaboraí (Brazil), and a cladistic analysis of petrosal features in metatherians
S Ladeveze
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 150 (1), 85-115, 2007
A new terrestrial vertebrate site just after the Paleocene–Eocene boundary in the Mortemer Formation of Upper Normandy, France
T Smith, C Dupuis, A Folie, F Quesnel, JY Storme, P Iacumin, J Riveline, ...
Comptes Rendus Palevol 10 (1), 11-20, 2011
Cranial anatomy of Andinodelphys cochabambensis, a stem metatherian from the early Palaeocene of Bolivia
C de Muizon, S Ladevèze
Geodiversitas 42 (30), 597-739, 2020
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