Kiyonori Gomi
Kiyonori Gomi
Department of Mathematics, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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Z 2 topology in nonsymmorphic crystalline insulators: Möbius twist in surface states
K Shiozaki, M Sato, K Gomi
Physical Review B 91 (15), 155120, 2015
Topology of nonsymmorphic crystalline insulators and superconductors
K Shiozaki, M Sato, K Gomi
Physical Review B 93 (19), 195413, 2016
Classification of “Quaternionic" Bloch-Bundles
G De Nittis, K Gomi
Communications in Mathematical Physics 339 (1), 1-55, 2015
Topological crystalline materials: General formulation, module structure, and wallpaper groups
K Shiozaki, M Sato, K Gomi
Physical Review B 95 (23), 235425, 2017
Classification of “Real” Bloch-bundles: topological quantum systems of type AI
G De Nittis, K Gomi
Journal of Geometry and Physics 86, 303-338, 2014
Higher-dimensional parallel transports
K Gomi, Y Terashima
Mathematical Research Letters 8 (1), 25-33, 2001
Equivariant smooth Deligne cohomology
K Gomi
Osaka Journal of Mathematics 42 (2), 309-337, 2005
Connections and curvings on lifting bundle gerbes
K Gomi
Journal of the London Mathematical Society 67 (2), 510-526, 2003
A fiber integration formula for the smooth Deligne cohomology
K Gomi, Y Terashima
International Mathematics Research Notices 2000 (13), 699-708, 2000
Many-body topological invariants for fermionic short-range entangled topological phases protected by antiunitary symmetries
K Shiozaki, H Shapourian, K Gomi, S Ryu
Physical Review B 98 (3), 035151, 2018
A Variant of K-Theory and Topological T-Duality for Real Circle Bundles
K Gomi
Communications in Mathematical Physics 334 (2), 923-975, 2015
Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence in band topology: General formalism and topological invariants for 230 space groups
K Shiozaki, M Sato, K Gomi
arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.06694, 2018
Differential geometric invariants for time-reversal symmetric Bloch-bundles: the “Real” case
G De Nittis, K Gomi
Journal of Mathematical Physics 57 (5), 053506, 2016
Chiral vector bundles
G De Nittis, K Gomi
Mathematische Zeitschrift 290 (3-4), 775-830, 2018
Generalized homology and Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence in crystalline symmetry protected topological phenomena
K Shiozaki, CZ Xiong, K Gomi
arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.00801, 2018
Twists on the torus equivariant under the 2-dimensional crystallographic point groups
K Gomi
Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications, 2017
Chern-Weil construction for twisted K-theory
K Gomi, Y Terashima
Communications in Mathematical Physics 299 (1), 225-254, 2010
The cohomological nature of the Fu–Kane–Mele invariant
G De Nittis, K Gomi
Journal of Geometry and Physics 124, 124-164, 2018
Differential characters and the Steenrod squares
K Gomi
arXiv preprint math/0411043, 2004
The FKMM-invariant in low dimension
G De Nittis, K Gomi
Letters in Mathematical Physics 108 (5), 1225-1277, 2018
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