Ziad Al Tanoury
Ziad Al Tanoury
Research Principal Scientist, PhD
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Vitamin A and retinoid signaling: genomic and nongenomic effects: thematic review series: fat-soluble vitamins: vitamin A
Z Al Tanoury, A Piskunov, C Rochette-Egly
Journal of lipid research 54 (7), 1761-1775, 2013
Differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to muscle fiber to model Duchenne muscular dystrophy
J Chal, M Oginuma, Z Al Tanoury, B Gobert, O Sumara, A Hick, F Bousson, ...
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M Diaz-Cuadros, DE Wagner, C Budjan, A Hubaud, OA Tarazona, ...
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Quantitative kinetic study of the actin-bundling protein L-plastin and of its impact on actin turn-over
Z Al Tanoury, E Schaffner-Reckinger, A Halavatyi, C Hoffmann, M Moes, ...
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Recapitulating early development of mouse musculoskeletal precursors of the paraxial mesoderm in vitro
J Chal, Z Al Tanoury, M Oginuma, P Moncuquet, B Gobert, A Miyanari, ...
Development 145 (6), dev157339, 2018
The actin filament cross‐linker L‐plastin confers resistance to TNF‐α in MCF‐7 breast cancer cells in a phosphorylation‐dependent manner
B Janji, L Vallar, ZA Tanoury, F Bernardin, G Vetter, ...
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A Piskunov, Z Al Tanoury, C Rochette-Egly
The Biochemistry of Retinoic Acid Receptors I: Structure, Activation, and …, 2014
Genes involved in cell adhesion and signaling: a new repertoire of retinoic acid receptor target genes in mouse embryonic fibroblasts
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Differentiation of the human PAX7-positive myogenic precursors/satellite cell lineage in vitro
Z Al Tanoury, J Rao, O Tassy, B Gobert, S Gapon, JM Garnier, E Wagner, ...
Development 147 (12), dev187344, 2020
Phosphorylation of the retinoic acid receptor RARγ2 is crucial for the neuronal differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells
Z Al Tanoury, S Gaouar, A Piskunov, T Ye, S Urban, B Jost, C Keime, ...
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Bioelectrical domain walls in homogeneous tissues
HM McNamara, R Salegame, ZA Tanoury, H Xu, S Begum, G Ortiz, ...
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A mathematical model of actin filament turnover for fitting FRAP data
AA Halavatyi, PV Nazarov, Z Al Tanoury, VV Apanasovich, M Yatskou, ...
European Biophysics Journal 39, 669-677, 2010
The long road to making muscle in vitro
O Pourquié, Z Al Tanoury, J Chal
Current topics in developmental biology 129, 123-142, 2018
Prednisolone rescues Duchenne muscular dystrophy phenotypes in human pluripotent stem cell–derived skeletal muscle in vitro
Z Al Tanoury, JF Zimmerman, J Rao, D Sieiro, HM McNamara, T Cherrier, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (28), e2022960118, 2021
Prednisolone rescues Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy phenotypes in human pluripotent stem cells-derived skeletal muscle in vitro
ZA Tanoury, JF Zimmermann, J Rao, D Sieiro, H McNamara, T Cherrier, ...
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Bioelectrical signaling via domain wall migration
HM McNamara, R Salegame, ZA Tanoury, H Xu, S Begum, G Ortiz, ...
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Tension-driven multi-scale self-organisation in human iPSC-derived muscle fibers
F Schnorrer, Q Mao, A Acharya, A Rodríguez-Delarosa, F Marchiano, ...
Elife, 2022
hiPSC-derived 3D Bioprinted Skeletal Muscle Tissue Implants Regenerate Skeletal Muscle Following Volumetric Muscle Loss
YA Jodat, T Zhang, Z Al Tanoury, T Kamperman, K Shi, Y Huang, ...
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