Eli Amson
Eli Amson
State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart
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Gradual adaptation of bone structure to aquatic lifestyle in extinct sloths from Peru
E Amson, C de Muizon, M Laurin, C Argot, V de Buffrénil
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C Kolb, TM Scheyer, K Veitschegger, AM Forasiepi, E Amson, ...
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A reappraisal of the phylogeny of the Megatheria (Mammalia: Tardigrada), with an emphasis on the relationships of the Thalassocninae, the marine sloths
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Directional: directional statistics
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Differential scaling patterns of vertebrae and the evolution of neck length in mammals
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The Neogene record of northern South American native ungulates
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Homeotic transformations reflect departure from the mammalian ‘rule of seven’ cervical vertebrae in sloths: inferences on the Hox code and morphological …
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Osteology and Functional Morphology of the Axial Postcranium of the Marine Sloth Thalassocnus (Mammalia, Tardigrada) with Paleobiological Implications
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The postcranial musculoskeletal system of xenarthrans: insights from over two centuries of research and future directions
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Orientation of the lateral semicircular canal in Xenarthra and its links with head posture and phylogeny
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A new large hyainailourine from the Bartonian of Europe and its bearings on the evolution and ecology of massive hyaenodonts (Mammalia)
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Differing effects of size and lifestyle on bone structure in mammals
E Amson, F Bibi
BMC biology 19 (1), 87, 2021
Reappraisal of the extinct seal “Phoca” vitulinoides from the Neogene of the North Sea Basin, with bearing on its geological age, phylogenetic affinities, and locomotion
L Dewaele, E Amson, O Lambert, S Louwye
PeerJ 5, e3316, 2017
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