Nicolas Locatelli
Nicolas Locatelli
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Spin torque building blocks
N Locatelli, V Cros, J Grollier
Nature materials, 11-20, 2014
Vowel recognition with four coupled spin-torque nano-oscillators
M Romera, P Talatchian, S Tsunegi, F Abreu Araujo, V Cros, P Bortolotti, ...
Nature 563 (7730), 230-234, 2018
Learning through ferroelectric domain dynamics in solid-state synapses
S Boyn, J Grollier, G Lecerf, B Xu, N Locatelli, S Fusil, S Girod, ...
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AF Vincent, J Larroque, N Locatelli, N Ben Romdhane, O Bichler, ...
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Low-energy truly random number generation with superparamagnetic tunnel junctions for unconventional computing
D Vodenicarevic, N Locatelli, A Mizrahi, JS Friedman, AF Vincent, ...
Physical Review Applied 8 (5), 054045, 2017
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N Locatelli, A Hamadeh, FA Araujo, AD Belanovsky, PN Skirdkov, ...
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AD Belanovsky, N Locatelli, PN Skirdkov, FA Araujo, J Grollier, ...
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Analytical macrospin modeling of the stochastic switching time of spin-transfer torque devices
AF Vincent, N Locatelli, JO Klein, WS Zhao, S Galdin-Retailleau, ...
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A nanotechnology-ready computing scheme based on a weakly coupled oscillator network
D Vodenicarevic, N Locatelli, F Abreu Araujo, J Grollier, D Querlioz
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Nonuniformity of a planar polarizer for spin-transfer-induced vortex oscillations at zero field
AV Khvalkovskiy, J Grollier, N Locatelli, YV Gorbunov, KA Zvezdin, V Cros
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Noise-enhanced synchronization of stochastic magnetic oscillators
N Locatelli, A Mizrahi, A Accioloy, R Matsumoto, A Fukushima, H Kubota, ...
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Understanding of phase noise squeezing under fractional synchronization of non-linear spin transfer vortex oscillator
R Lebrun, A Jenkins, A Dussaux, N Locatelli, S Tsunegi, E Grimaldi, ...
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Numerical and analytical investigation of the synchronization of dipolarly coupled vortex spin-torque nano-oscillators
AD Belanovsky, N Locatelli, PN Skirdkov, F Abreu Araujo, KA Zvezdin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (12), 2013
Perfect and robust phase-locking of a spin transfer vortex nano-oscillator to an external microwave source
A Hamadeh, N Locatelli, VV Naletov, R Lebrun, G De Loubens, J Grollier, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (2), 2014
Origin of spectral purity and tuning sensitivity in a spin transfer vortex nano-oscillator
A Hamadeh, N Locatelli, VV Naletov, R Lebrun, G De Loubens, J Grollier, ...
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A Mizrahi, N Locatelli, R Lebrun, V Cros, A Fukushima, H Kubota, ...
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Reversal process of a magnetic vortex core under the combined action of a perpendicular field and spin transfer torque
N Locatelli, AE Ekomasov, AV Khvalkovskiy, SA Azamatov, KA Zvezdin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (6), 2013
Spintronic devices as key elements for energy-efficient neuroinspired architectures
N Locatelli, AF Vincent, A Mizrahi, JS Friedman, D Vodenicarevic, JV Kim, ...
2015 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE), 994-999, 2015
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