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Vincent Dubut
Aix Marseille Université
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QDD: a user-friendly program to select microsatellite markers and design primers from large sequencing projects
E Meglécz, C Costedoat, V Dubut, A Gilles, T Malausa, N Pech, JF Martin
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T Malausa, A Gilles, E Meglécz, H Blanquart, S Duthoy, C Costedoat, ...
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Challenges of microsatellite development in Lepidoptera: Euphydryas aurinia (Nymphalidae) as a case study.
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The interplay of dispersal limitation, rivers, and historical events shapes the genetic structure of an Amazonian frog
A Fouquet, JB Ledoux, V Dubut, BP Noonan, I Scotti
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V Dubut, M Sinama, JF Martin, E Meglécz, J Fernandez, R Chappaz, ...
BMC research notes 3 (1), 1-9, 2010
A from‐benchtop‐to‐desktop workflow for validating HTS data and for taxonomic identification in diet metabarcoding studies
E Corse, E Meglecz, G Archambaud, M Ardisson, JF Martin, C Tougard, ...
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From late Miocene to Holocene: processes of differentiation within the Telestes genus (Actinopterygii: Cyprinidae)
V Dubut, A Fouquet, A Voisin, C Costedoat, R Chappaz, A Gilles
PLoS One 7 (3), e34423, 2012
The relative contribution of river network structure and anthropogenic stressors to spatial patterns of genetic diversity in two freshwater fishes: A multiple‐stressors approach
JG Prunier, V Dubut, G Loot, L Tudesque, S Blanchet
Freshwater Biology 63 (1), 6-21, 2018
Development of 55 novel polymorphic microsatellite loci for the critically endangered Zingel asper L.(Actinopterygii: Perciformes: Percidae) and cross-species amplification in …
V Dubut, R Grenier, E Meglécz, R Chappaz, C Costedoat, D Danancher, ...
European Journal of Wildlife Research 56 (6), 931-938, 2010
One‐locus‐several‐primers: A strategy to improve the taxonomic and haplotypic coverage in diet metabarcoding studies
E Corse, C Tougard, G Archambaud‐Suard, JF Agnèse, ...
Ecology and Evolution 9 (8), 4603-4620, 2019
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Combining genetic and demographic data for prioritizing conservation actions: insights from a threatened fish species
I Paz‐Vinas, L Comte, M Chevalier, V Dubut, C Veyssiere, G Grenouillet, ...
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Human ancient and extant mtDNA from the Gambier Islands (French polynesia): Evidence for an early Melanesian maternal contribution and new perspectives into the settlement of …
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V Dubut, JF MARTIN, C Costedoat, R Chappaz, A Gilles
Molecular ecology resources 9 (3), 1001-1005, 2009
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