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Bipolar-membrane electrodialysis: applications of electrodialysis in the food industry
L Bazinet, F Lamarche, D Ippersiel
Trends in Food Science & Technology 9 (3), 107-113, 1998
Electrodialytic phenomena and their applications in the dairy industry: a review
L Bazinet
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition 45 (4), 307-326, 2005
Fouling on ion-exchange membranes: Classification, characterization and strategies of prevention and control
S Mikhaylin, L Bazinet
Advances in colloid and interface science 229, 34-56, 2016
Concentration and selective separation of bioactive peptides from an alfalfa white protein hydrolysate by electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membranes
L Firdaous, P Dhulster, J Amiot, A Gaudreau, D Lecouturier, R Kapel, ...
Journal of membrane science 329 (1-2), 60-67, 2009
Simultaneous separation of acid and basic bioactive peptides by electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membrane
JF Poulin, J Amiot, L Bazinet
Journal of biotechnology 123 (3), 314-328, 2006
Effect of brewing temperature and duration on green tea catechin solubilization: Basis for production of EGC and EGCG-enriched fractions
D Labbé, A Tremblay, L Bazinet
Separation and Purification Technology 49 (1), 1-9, 2006
Effect of calcium and carbonate concentrations on cationic membrane fouling during electrodialysis
L Bazinet, M Araya-Farias
Journal of colloid and interface science 281 (1), 188-196, 2005
Application of relaxation periods during electrodialysis of a casein solution: impact on anion-exchange membrane fouling
B Ruiz, P Sistat, P Huguet, G Pourcelly, M Araya-Farias, L Bazinet
Journal of membrane science 287 (1), 41-50, 2007
Anti-diabetic and antihypertensive activities of two flaxseed protein hydrolysate fractions revealed following their simultaneous separation by electrodialysis with …
A Doyen, CC Udenigwe, PL Mitchell, A Marette, RE Aluko, L Bazinet
Food chemistry 145, 66-76, 2014
Interaction of green tea polyphenols with dairy matrices in a simulated gastrointestinal environment
S Lamothe, N Azimy, L Bazinet, C Couillard, M Britten
Food & function 5 (10), 2621-2631, 2014
Encapsulation of food protein hydrolysates and peptides: a review
A Mohan, SRCK Rajendran, QS He, L Bazinet, CC Udenigwe
Rsc Advances 5 (97), 79270-79278, 2015
Low molecular weight flaxseed protein-derived arginine-containing peptides reduced blood pressure of spontaneously hypertensive rats faster than amino acid form of arginine and …
CC Udenigwe, AP Adebiyi, A Doyen, H Li, L Bazinet, RE Aluko
Food chemistry 132 (1), 468-475, 2012
Production of green tea EGC-and EGCG-enriched fractions by a two-step extraction procedure
L Bazinet, D Labbé, A Tremblay
Separation and purification technology 56 (1), 53-56, 2007
Demonstration of in vitro anticancer properties of peptide fractions from a snow crab by-products hydrolysate after separation by electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membranes
A Doyen, L Beaulieu, L Saucier, Y Pouliot, L Bazinet
Separation and purification technology 78 (3), 321-329, 2011
Improved peptide fractionation by electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membrane: Influence of ultrafiltration membrane stacking and electrical field strength
JF Poulin, J Amiot, L Bazinet
Journal of membrane science 299 (1-2), 83-90, 2007
Effect of concentrate solution pH and mineral composition of a whey protein diluate solution on membrane fouling formation during conventional electrodialysis
E Ayala-Bribiesca, M Araya-Farias, G Pourcelly, L Bazinet
Journal of Membrane Science 280 (1-2), 790-801, 2006
Electromigration feasibility of green tea catechins
D Labbé, M Araya-Farias, A Tremblay, L Bazinet
Journal of membrane science 254 (1-2), 101-109, 2005
Bipolar membrane electroacidification to produce bovine milk casein isolate
L Bazinet, F Lamarche, D Ippersiel, J Amiot
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 47 (12), 5291-5296, 1999
Impact of electrodialytic parameters on cation migration kinetics and fouling nature of ion-exchange membranes during treatment of solutions with different magnesium/calcium ratios
C Casademont, MA Farias, G Pourcelly, L Bazinet
Journal of membrane Science 325 (2), 570-579, 2008
Identification of skim milk electroacidification fouling: a microscopic approach
L Bazinet, D Montpetit, D Ippersiel, J Amiot, F Lamarche
Journal of colloid and interface science 237 (1), 62-69, 2001
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