Stephane Brûlé
Stephane Brûlé
Researcher and engineer
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Experiments on seismic metamaterials: molding surface waves
S Brûlé, EH Javelaud, S Enoch, S Guenneau
Physical review letters 112 (13), 133901, 2014
Clamped seismic metamaterials: ultra-low frequency stop bands
Y Achaoui, T Antonakakis, S Brule, RV Craster, S Enoch, S Guenneau
New Journal of Physics 19 (6), 063022, 2017
Seismic waves damping with arrays of inertial resonators
Y Achaoui, B Ungureanu, S Enoch, S Brûlé, S Guenneau
Extreme Mechanics Letters 8, 30-37, 2016
Auxetic-like metamaterials as novel earthquake protections
B Ungureanu, Y Achaoui, S Enoch, S Brûlé, S Guenneau
arXiv preprint arXiv:1510.08785, 2015
Flat lens effect on seismic waves propagation in the subsoil
S Brûlé, EH Javelaud, S Enoch, S Guenneau
Scientific Reports 7 (18066), 2017
Control of Rayleigh-like waves in thick plate Willis metamaterials
A Diatta, Y Achaoui, S Brûlé, S Enoch, S Guenneau
AIP Advances 6 (12), 121707, 2016
Metamaterial-like transformed urbanism
S Brûlé, B Ungureanu, Y Achaoui, A Diatta, R Aznavourian, T Antonakakis, ... 2 (1), 20, 2017
Prediction of modulus of elasticity based on micromechanics theory and application to low-strength mortars
F Duplan, A Abou-Chakra, A Turatsinze, G Escadeillas, S Brule, F Masse
Construction and Building Materials 50, 437-447, 2014
Assessment of ground compaction using multi-channel analysis of surface wave data and cone penetration tests
A Bitri, K Samyn, S Brulé, EH Javelaud
Near Surface Geophysics 11 (6), 683-690, 2013
Seismic metamaterial: how to shake friends and influence waves?
S Brûlé, E Javelaud, S Enoch, S Guenneau
arXiv preprint arXiv:1301.7642, 2013
Seismic Metamaterials: Controlling Surface Rayleigh Waves Using Analogies with Electromagnetic Metamaterials
S Brûlé, S Enoch, R Craster, S Guenneau
ISBN: 978-981-3227-61-3 2 (, 301 - 337, 2017
H/V method used to qualify the modification of dynamic soil characteristics due to ground improvement work by means of heavy compaction process. A case study: the former Givors …
S Brûlé, EH Javelaud, T Ohmachi, Y Nakamura, S Inoue
7th International conference on urban earthquake engineering and 5th …, 2010
Sols Structurés Sous Sollicitations Dynamiques : des Métamatériaux en Géotechnique
S Brûlé, S Enoch, S Guenneau, 2017
Emergence of Seismic Metamaterials: Current State and Future Perspectives
S Brûlé, S Enoch, S Guenneau, 2017
Spanning the scales of mechanical metamaterials using time domain simulations in transformed crystals graphene flakes and structure soils
R Aznavourian, TM Puvirajesinghe, S Brûlé, S Enoch, S Guenneau
J. Phys: Condens. Matt, 2017
Change of ground type by means of dynamic compaction: consequence on the calculation of seismic loadings
S Brûlé, S Duquesnoy
Innovative Infrastructure Solutions 1 (1), 39, 2016
Seismic metamaterials: Shielding and focusing surface elastic waves in structured soils
SR Guenneau, S Enoch, S Brule
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 136 (4), 2077-2077, 2014
Seismic metamaterials
S Brûlé, E Javelaud, S Guenneau, S Enoch, D Komatitsch
Flat lens for seismic waves
S Brule, S Enoch, S Guenneau
arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.04492, 2016
Méthode H/V en géotechnique. Application à un modèle bicouche
S Brûlé, E Javelaud
Revue Française de Géotechnique, 3-15, 2017
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