Olivier Buriez
Olivier Buriez
Directeur de Recherche, CNRS, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France
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Bioorganometallic Chemistry. 13. Regioselective Reduction of NAD+ Models, 1-Benzylnicotinamde Triflate and β-Nicotinamide Ribose-5‘-methyl Phosphate, with in Situ …
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The replacement of a phenol group by an aniline or acetanilide group enhances the cytotoxicity of 2-ferrocenyl-1, 1-diphenyl-but-l-ene compounds against breast cancer cells
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Uncovering the missing link between molecular electrochemistry and electrocatalysis: Mechanism of the reduction of benzyl chloride at silver cathodes
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Stability and reactivity of electrogenerated cobalt (I) towards aryl halides in the presence of additives such as vinyl acetate or methyl vinyl ketone: Application to the …
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X Liu, A Savy, S Maurin, L Grimaud, F Darchen, D Quinton, E Labbé, ...
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L Polleux, E Labbé, O Buriez, J Périchon
Chemistry–A European Journal 11 (16), 4678-4686, 2005
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