Paul Ayayee
Paul Ayayee
Postdoctoral Research Associate,Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, University of
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Gut microbes contribute to nitrogen provisioning in a wood-feeding cerambycid
P Ayayee, C Rosa, G Felton, M Saunders, K Hoover
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Beyond Characterization: The Impacts of Insect Gut Microbiomes on Hosts.
PA Ayayee
2020 Pacific Branch Meeting, 2020
Large Scale Patterns of Soil and Plant CNS&P Elemental and Isotopic Compositions in Big Sagebrush Ecosystems of Wyoming
F Brédoire, PA Ayayee, S Ben Tekaya, LTA van Diepen, DG Williams
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Temporal and spatial patterns of microbial structure and function in montane wetlands in Wyoming
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2019 ESA Annual Meeting (August 11--16), 2019
Experimental Investigation of Potential Biological Nitrogen Provisioning by Freshwater Insect Gut Microbiomes Using 15N Isotope Analysis
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Seasonal patterns of nitrous oxide and methane emissions from vernal pools in a northeastern Ohio forest
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2017 ESA Annual Meeting (August 6--11), 2017
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S Bhattacharyya, P Ayayee, C Cosgrove, LG Leff
2017 ESA Annual Meeting (August 6--11), 2017
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