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Shared signatures of parasitism and phylogenomics unite Cryptomycota and microsporidia
TY James, A Pelin, L Bonen, S Ahrendt, D Sain, N Corradi, JE Stajich
Current Biology 23 (16), 1548-1553, 2013
Neoadjuvant oncolytic virotherapy before surgery sensitizes triple-negative breast cancer to immune checkpoint therapy
MC Bourgeois-Daigneault, DG Roy, AS Aitken, N El Sayes, NT Martin, ...
Science translational medicine 10 (422), eaao1641, 2018
Evolution of enhanced innate immune evasion by SARS-CoV-2
LG Thorne, M Bouhaddou, AK Reuschl, L Zuliani-Alvarez, B Polacco, ...
Nature 602 (7897), 487-495, 2022
Evidence for the sexual origin of heterokaryosis in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
J Ropars, KS Toro, J Noel, A Pelin, P Charron, L Farinelli, T Marton, ...
Nature microbiology 1 (6), 1-9, 2016
Comparative genomics of Rhizophagus irregularis, R. cerebriforme, R. diaphanus and Gigaspora rosea highlights specific genetic features in Glomeromycotina
E Morin, S Miyauchi, H San Clemente, ECH Chen, A Pelin, ...
New Phytologist 222 (3), 1584-1598, 2019
Leveraging single-cell genomics to expand the fungal tree of life
SR Ahrendt, CA Quandt, D Ciobanu, A Clum, A Salamov, B Andreopoulos, ...
Nature microbiology 3 (12), 1417-1428, 2018
Genome analyses suggest the presence of polyploidy and recent human‐driven expansions in eight global populations of the honeybee pathogen Nosema ceranae
A Pelin, M Selman, S Aris‐Brosou, L Farinelli, N Corradi
Environmental Microbiology 17 (11), 4443-4458, 2015
Combination of Paclitaxel and MG1 oncolytic virus as a successful strategy for breast cancer treatment
MC Bourgeois-Daigneault, LE St-Germain, DG Roy, A Pelin, AS Aitken, ...
Breast Cancer Research 18 (1), 1-10, 2016
The mitochondrial genome of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Gigaspora margarita reveals two unsuspected trans‐splicing events of group I introns
A Pelin, JF Pombert, A Salvioli, L Bonen, P Bonfante, N Corradi
New Phytologist 194 (3), 836-845, 2012
Single nucleus sequencing reveals evidence of inter-nucleus recombination in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
ECH Chen, S Mathieu, A Hoffrichter, K Sedzielewska-Toro, M Peart, ...
Elife 7, e39813, 2018
Microsporidian genomes harbor a diverse array of transposable elements that demonstrate an ancestry of horizontal exchange with metazoans
N Parisot, A Pelin, C Gasc, V Polonais, A Belkorchia, J Panek, H El Alaoui, ...
Genome biology and evolution 6 (9), 2289-2300, 2014
Morphology and phylogeny of Agmasoma penaei (Microsporidia) from the type host, Litopenaeus setiferus, and the type locality, Louisiana, USA
Y Sokolova, A Pelin, J Hawke, N Corradi
International Journal for Parasitology 45 (1), 1-16, 2015
CryoEM and AI reveal a structure of SARS-CoV-2 Nsp2, a multifunctional protein involved in key host processes.
M Gupta, CM Azumaya, M Moritz, S Pourmal, A Diallo, GE Merz, G Jang, ...
Research Square, 2021
Use of precision-cut lung slices as an ex vivo tool for evaluating viruses and viral vectors for gene and oncolytic therapy
MCR Gerpe, JP van Vloten, LA Santry, J de Jong, RC Mould, A Pelin, ...
Molecular Therapy-Methods & Clinical Development 10, 245-256, 2018
Characterization of critical determinants of ACE2–SARS CoV-2 RBD interaction
EEF Brown, R Rezaei, TR Jamieson, J Dave, NT Martin, R Singaravelu, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 22 (5), 2268, 2021
Genome Analysis of Pseudoloma neurophilia: A Microsporidian Parasite of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
S Ndikumana, A Pelin, A Williot, JL Sanders, M Kent, N Corradi
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 64 (1), 18-30, 2017
Active-site mTOR inhibitors augment HSV1-dICP0 infection in cancer cells via dysregulated eIF4E/4E-BP axis
C Zakaria, P Sean, HD Hoang, LP Leroux, M Watson, ST Workenhe, ...
PLoS pathogens 14 (8), e1007264, 2018
The genome of an Encephalitozoon cuniculi type III strain reveals insights into the genetic diversity and mode of reproduction of a ubiquitous vertebrate pathogen
A Pelin, H Moteshareie, B Sak, M Selman, A Naor, MÈ Eyahpaise, ...
Heredity 116 (5), 458-465, 2016
Nanoluciferase complementation-based bioreporter reveals the importance of N-linked glycosylation of SARS-CoV-2 S for viral entry
T Azad, R Singaravelu, Z Taha, TR Jamieson, S Boulton, MJF Crupi, ...
Molecular Therapy 29 (6), 1984-2000, 2021
Deletion of apoptosis inhibitor F1L in vaccinia virus increases safety and oncolysis for cancer therapy
A Pelin, J Foloppe, J Petryk, R Singaravelu, M Hussein, F Gossart, ...
Molecular Therapy-Oncolytics 14, 246-252, 2019
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