Erzsebet Bukodi
Erzsebet Bukodi
Associate Professor of Quantitative Social Policy, University of Oxford
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Decomposing ‘social origins’: The effects of parents’ class, status, and education on the educational attainment of their children
E Bukodi, JH Goldthorpe
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HP Blossfeld
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E Bukodi, JH Goldthorpe, L Waller, J Kuha
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P Róbert, E Bukodi
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E Bukodi, R Erikson, JH Goldthorpe
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Class Origins, Education and Occupational Attainment in Britain: Secular Trends or Cohort-Specific Effects?
E Bukodi, JH Goldthorpe
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E Bukodi, S Dex
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E Bukodi
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P Robert, E Bukodi
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E Bukodi, S Dex, JH Goldthorpe
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Dual career pathways: The occupational attainment of married couples in Hungary
P Robert, E Bukodi
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Társadalmunk szerkezete különböző nézőpontokból
E Bukodi
Kovách I.(szerk.) Társadalmi metszetek. Budapest: Napvilág, 109-160, 2006
Ki kivel (nem) házasodik? A partnerszelekciós minták változása az egyéni életútban és a történeti időben
E Bukodi
Szociológiai Szemle 2, 28-58, 2002
The direct effect of social origins on social mobility chances:‘Glass floors’ and ‘glass ceilings’ in Britain
A Gugushvili, E Bukodi, JH Goldthorpe
European Sociological Review 33 (2), 305-316, 2017
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