Cyrille Monnereau
Cyrille Monnereau
Laboratoire de chimie, ENS de Lyon
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Mechanism of threading a polymer through a macrocyclic ring
ABC Deutman, C Monnereau, JAAW Elemans, G Ercolani, RJM Nolte, ...
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S Pascal, A Haefele, C Monnereau, A Charaf-Eddin, D Jacquemin, ...
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State-Selective Electron Transfer in an Unsymmetric Acceptor− Zn (II) porphyrin− Acceptor Triad: Toward a Controlled Directionality of Electron Transfer from the Porphyrin S2 …
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Polymerization photoinitiators with near-resonance enhanced two-photon absorption cross-Section: Toward high-resolution photoresist with improved sensitivity
C Arnoux, T Konishi, E Van Elslande, EA Poutougnigni, JC Mulatier, ...
Macromolecules 53 (21), 9264-9278, 2020
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