Hélène Berthoumieux
Hélène Berthoumieux
CNRS, Gulliver, ESPCI
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Adhesion functions in cell sorting by mechanically coupling the cortices of adhering cells
JL Maître, H Berthoumieux, SFG Krens, G Salbreux, F Jülicher, E Paluch, ...
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H Berthoumieux, F Paillusson
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Gaussian field model for polar fluids as a function of density and polarization: Toward a model for water
H Berthoumieux
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Dipolar Poisson models in a dual view
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Electrostatic interactions in water: a nonlocal electrostatic approach
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Coupled interactions at the ionic graphene-water interface
A Robert, H Berthoumieux, ML Bocquet
Physical Review Letters 130 (7), 076201, 2023
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