Claire Jahier-Diallo
Claire Jahier-Diallo
Chercheur postdoctoral, UQTR
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General and selective head-to-head dimerization of terminal alkynes proceeding via hydropalladation pathway
C Jahier, OV Zatolochnaya, NV Zvyagintsev, VP Ananikov, V Gevorgyan
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C Jahier, M Cantuel, ND McClenaghan, T Buffeteau, D Cavagnat, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 15 (35), 8703-8708, 2009
Multicomponent Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Unsaturated N‐Heterocyclic Carbene Precursors and Their Related Transition‐Metal Complexes
P Queval, C Jahier, M Rouen, I Artur, JC Legeay, L Falivene, L Toupet, ...
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Multicomponent Synthesis of Chiral Bidentate Unsymmetrical Unsaturated N‐Heterocyclic Carbenes: Copper‐Catalyzed Asymmetric CC Bond Formation
C Jahier‐Diallo, MST Morin, P Queval, M Rouen, I Artur, P Querard, ...
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Cationic Ruthenium Complexes in Olefin Metathesis
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L‐Proline‐Derived Dendritic Tetrakis(diperoxotungsto)phosphate: Synthesis and Enantioselective Oxidation Catalysis
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FS Wekesa, N Phadke, C Jahier, DB Cordes, M Findlater
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1, 1′‐Binaphthyl‐2‐methylpyridinium‐Based Peroxophosphotungstate Salts: Synthesis, Characterization, and Their Use as Oxidation Catalysts
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Encapsulation of Polyoxometalate Catalysts Into Dendrimers: One Step in Making Stable and Recoverable Homogeneous DENDRI-POM Catalysts for Oxidation Reactions
S Nlate, C Jahier, M Attoui
Encapsulated Catalysts, 35-69, 2017
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