Guillaume Dezecache
Guillaume Dezecache
British Academy Newton Internation Fellow @ University College London
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Early binding of gaze, gesture, and emotion: neural time course and correlates
L Conty, G Dezecache, L Hugueville, J Grèzes
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (13), 4531-4539, 2012
Sharing the joke: the size of natural laughter groups
G Dezecache, RIM Dunbar
Evolution and Human Behavior 33 (6), 775-779, 2012
Self-relevance appraisal of gaze direction and dynamic facial expressions: effects on facial electromyographic and autonomic reactions.
R Soussignan, M Chadwick, L Philip, L Conty, G Dezecache, J Grèzes
Emotion 13 (2), 330, 2013
Evidence for unintentional emotional contagion beyond dyads
G Dezecache, L Conty, M Chadwick, L Philip, R Soussignan, D Sperber, ...
PloS one 8 (6), e67371, 2013
An evolutionary approach to emotional communication
G Dezecache, H Mercier, TC Scott-Phillips
Journal of Pragmatics 59, 221-233, 2013
Self-relevance appraisal influences facial reactions to emotional body expressions
J Grèzes, L Philip, M Chadwick, G Dezecache, R Soussignan, L Conty
PloS one 8 (2), e55885, 2013
Emotional contagion: its scope and limits
G Dezecache, P Jacob, J Grèzes
Trends in cognitive sciences 19 (6), 297-299, 2015
How do shared-representations and emotional processes cooperate in response to social threat signals?
J Grèzes, G Dezecache
Neuropsychologia 55, 105-114, 2014
Human collective reactions to threat
G Dezecache
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science 6 (3), 209-219, 2015
Social affordances: Is the mirror neuron system involved?
G Dezecache, L Conty, J Grèzes
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36 (4), 417, 2013
Skin temperature changes in wild chimpanzees upon hearing vocalizations of conspecifics
G Dezecache, K Zuberbühler, M Davila-Ross, CD Dahl
Royal Society open science 4 (1), 160816, 2017
Communication émotionnelle: mécanismes cognitifs et cérébraux
J Grèzes, G Dezecache
Cognition sociale et neuropsychologie, 31-45, 2012
20 Emotional Convergence: A Case of Contagion?
G Dezecache, T Eskenazi, J Grèzes
Shared Representations: Sensorimotor Foundations of Social Life, 417, 2016
The nature and distribution of affiliative behaviour during exposure to mild threat
G Dezecache, J Grèzes, CD Dahl
Royal Society open science 4 (8), 170265, 2017
Perceptual hysteresis as a marker of perceptual inflexibility in schizophrenia
JR Martin, G Dezecache, D Pressnitzer, P Nuss, J Dokic, N Bruno, ...
Consciousness and cognition 30, 62-72, 2014
Limbic to motor interactions during social perception
J Grèzes, G Dezecache, T Eskenazi
Academic Press, 2015
Prioritization of emotional signals by the human auditory system: evidence from a perceptual hysteresis protocol
JR Martin, G Dezecache, J Dokic, J Grèzes
Evolution and Human Behavior 35 (6), 526-532, 2014
Facial Complexity in sun Bears: exact Facial Mimicry and social sensitivity
D Taylor, D Hartmann, G Dezecache, S Te Wong, M Davila-Ross
Scientific reports 9 (1), 4961, 2019
A glossary for research on human crowd dynamics
J Adrian, N Bode, M Amos, M Baratchi, M Beermann, M Boltes, A Corbetta, ...
Collective Dynamics 4, 1-13, 2019
Working hypotheses on the meaning of general alarm calls
G Dezecache, M Berthet
Animal behaviour 142, 113-118, 2018
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