Boris Le Guennic
Boris Le Guennic
Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes
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Taking up the cyanine challenge with quantum tools
B Le Guennic, D Jacquemin
Accounts of chemical research 48 (3), 530-537, 2015
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F Pointillart, O Cador, B Le Guennic, L Ouahab
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A D’aléo, A Picot, A Beeby, JA Gareth Williams, B Le Guennic, C Andraud, ...
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Magnetic Poles Determinations and Robustness of Memory Effect upon Solubilization in a DyIII-Based Single Ion Magnet
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S Chibani, B Le Guennic, A Charaf-Eddin, AD Laurent, D Jacquemin
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Synthesis and characterization of hypoelectronic rhenaboranes. Analysis of the geometric and electronic structures of species following neither borane nor metal cluster …
B Le Guennic, H Jiao, S Kahlal, JY Saillard, JF Halet, S Ghosh, M Shang, ...
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Ruthenium Complexes of C,C‘-Bis(ethynyl)carboranes:  An Investigation of Electronic Interactions Mediated by Spherical Pseudo-aromatic Spacers
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Cyclometalated Ir (III) complexes with styryl-BODIPY ligands showing near IR absorption/emission: preparation, study of photophysical properties and application as photodynamic …
P Majumdar, X Yuan, S Li, B Le Guennic, J Ma, C Zhang, D Jacquemin, ...
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M Reiher, B Le Guennic, B Kirchner
Inorganic chemistry 44 (26), 9640-9642, 2005
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