Izabela Michalak
Izabela Michalak
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
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State of the art for the biosorption process—a review
I Michalak, K Chojnacka, A Witek-Krowiak
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 170 (6), 1389-1416, 2013
Algae as production systems of bioactive compounds
I Michalak, K Chojnacka
Engineering in Life Sciences 15 (2), 160-176, 2015
Algal extracts: Technology and advances
I Michalak, K Chojnacka
Engineering in life sciences 14 (6), 581-591, 2014
Hair analysis in health assessment
P Wołowiec, I Michalak, K Chojnacka, M Mikulewicz
Clinica Chimica Acta 419, 139-171, 2013
Effect of macroalgae enriched with microelements on egg quality parameters and mineral content of eggs, eggshell, blood, feathers and droppings
I Michalak, K Chojnacka, Z Dobrzański, H Górecki, A Zielińska, ...
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 95 (3), 374-387, 2011
Inter-relationship between elements in human hair: the effect of gender
K Chojnacka, I Michalak, A Zielińska, H Górecka, H Górecki
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 73 (8), 2022-2028, 2010
Biosorption of Cr (III) by microalgae and macroalgae: equilibrium of the process
I Michalak, A Zielińska, K Chojnacka, J Matuła
American Journal of agricultural and biological science, 2007
The effect of dietary habits on mineral composition of human scalp hair
K Chojnacka, A Zielińska, I Michalak, H Górecki
Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology 30 (2), 188-194, 2010
Using ICP-OES and SEM-EDX in biosorption studies
I Michalak, K Chojnacka, K Marycz
Microchimica Acta 172 (1-2), 65-74, 2011
Interactions of metal cations with anionic groups on the cell wall of the macroalga Vaucheria sp.
I Michalak, K Chojnacka
Engineering in Life Sciences 10 (3), 209-217, 2010
Edible macroalga Ulva prolifera as microelemental feed supplement for livestock: the fundamental assumptions of the production method
I Michalak, K Chojnacka
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 25 (6), 997-1005, 2009
The New Application of Biosorption Properties of Enteromorpha prolifera
I Michalak, K Chojnacka
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 160 (5), 1540-1556, 2010
The application of macroalga Pithophora varia Wille enriched with microelements by biosorption as biological feed supplement for livestock
I Michalak, K Chojnacka
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 88 (7), 1178-1186, 2008
Exposure to metals from orthodontic appliances by hair mineral analysis
M Mikulewicz, K Chojnacka, A Zielińska, I Michalak
Environmental toxicology and pharmacology 32 (1), 10-16, 2011
Plant growth biostimulants based on different methods of seaweed extraction with water
K Godlewska, I Michalak, Ł Tuhy, K Chojnacka
BioMed research international 2016, 2016
Seaweed extract by microwave assisted extraction as plant growth biostimulant
I Michalak, Ł Tuhy, K Chojnacka
Open Chemistry 13 (1), 2015
The possibilities of the application of algal biomass in the agriculture
K Chojnacka, A Saeid, I Michalak
Chemik 66 (11), 1235-1248, 2012
Evaluation of supercritical extracts of algae as biostimulants of plant growth in field trials
I Michalak, K Chojnacka, A Dmytryk, R Wilk, M Gramza, E Rój
Frontiers in plant science 7, 1591, 2016
Supercritical fluid extraction of algae enhances levels of biologically active compounds promoting plant growth
I Michalak, B Górka, PP Wieczorek, E Roj, J Lipok, B Łęska, B Messyasz, ...
European Journal of Phycology 51 (3), 243-252, 2016
The application of biosorption for production of micronutrient fertilizers based on waste biomass
Ł Tuhy, M Samoraj, I Michalak, K Chojnacka
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 174 (4), 1376-1392, 2014
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