Claudio Lucas Nunes de Oliveira
Claudio Lucas Nunes de Oliveira
Professor of Physics, Universidade Federal do Ceará
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Fracturing highly disordered materials
AA Moreira, CLN Oliveira, A Hansen, NAM Araújo, HJ Herrmann, ...
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Double power-law viscoelastic relaxation of living cells encodes motility trends
JS De Sousa, RS Freire, FD Sousa, M Radmacher, AFB Silva, MV Ramos, ...
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Enhanced flow in small-world networks
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Erythrocytes morphology and hemorheology in severe bacterial infection
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A microfluidic chamber-based approach to map the shear moduli of vascular cells and other soft materials
B Suki, Y Hu, N Murata, J Imsirovic, JR Mondoñedo, CLN de Oliveira, ...
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Subcritical fatigue in fuse networks
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Oil displacement through a porous medium with a temperature gradient
CLN Oliveira, JS Andrade Jr, HJ Herrmann
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Excitons em sistemas quânticos 0-2D
CLN Oliveira
Viscoelastic multiscaling in immersed networks
JLB de Araújo, JS de Sousa, WP Ferreira, CLN Oliveira
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Invasion Percolation with a Hardening Interface under Gravity
CLN Oliveira, FK Wittel, JS Andrade Jr, HJ Herrmann
International Journal of Modern Physics C 21 (07), 903-914, 2010
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