Aurélien Miralles
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The integrative future of taxonomy
JM Padial, A Miralles, I De la Riva, M Vences
Frontiers in zoology 7 (1), 16, 2010
New metrics for comparison of taxonomies reveal striking discrepancies among species delimitation methods in Madascincus lizards
A Miralles, M Vences
PLoS One 8 (7), 2013
To name or not to name: criteria to promote economy of change in supraspecific Linnean classification schemes
M Vences, JM Guayasamin, A Miralles, I De La Riva
Magnolia Press, 2013
An integrative taxonomic revision of the Cape Verdean skinks (Squamata, Scincidae)
A Miralles, R Vasconcelos, A Perera, DJ Harris, S Carranza
Zoologica Scripta 40 (1), 16-44, 2011
Systematics and biogeography of the Neotropical genus Mabuya, with special emphasis on the Amazonian skink Mabuya nigropunctata (Reptilia, Scincidae)
A Miralles, S Carranza
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 54 (3), 857-869, 2010
Female reproductive anatomy: cloaca, oviduct, and sperm storage
DS Siegel, A Miralles, RE Chabarria, RD Aldridge
Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Snakes. Science Publishers, Inc., Enfield, 2011
Molecular systematics of Caribbean skinks of the genus Mabuya (Reptilia, Scincidae), with descriptions of two new species from Venezuela
A Miralles, GR FUENMAYOR, C Bonillo, WE Schargel, T Barros, ...
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 156 (3), 598-616, 2009
The identity of Lacertus mabouya Lacepède, 1788, with description of a neotype: an approach toward the taxonomy of new world Mabuya
A Miralles
Herpetologica 61 (1), 46-53, 2005
Taxonomy of the genus Mabuya (Reptilia, Squamata, Scincidae) in Venezuela
A Miralles, G Rivas Fuenmayor, CL Barrio-Amoros
ZOOSYSTEMA-PARIS- 27 (4), 825, 2005
An endogenous retroviral envelope syncytin and its cognate receptor identified in the viviparous placental Mabuya lizard
G Cornelis, M Funk, C Vernochet, F Leal, OA Tarazona, G Meurice, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (51), E10991-E11000, 2017
The ophidian testis, spermatogenesis, and mature spermatozoa
KM Gribbins, JL Rheubert
Reproductive biology and phylogeny of snakes 9, 183-264, 2011
The herpetofauna of Isla de Margarita, Venezuela: new records and comments
GR Fuenmayor, G Ugueto, R Rivero, A Miralles
Caribbean Journal of Science 41 (2), 346-351, 2005
Molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of the Neotropical skink genus Mabuya Fitzinger (Squamata: Scincidae) with emphasis on Colombian populations
NR Pinto-Sánchez, ML Calderón-Espinosa, A Miralles, AJ Crawford, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and Evolution 93, 188-211, 2015
A new species of Mabuya (Squamata, Scincidae) from the Venezuelan Andes
A Miralles, G Rivas, WE Schargel
Zootaxa 895 (1), 1-11, 2005
Phylogenetic relationships of Trachylepis skink species from Madagascar and the Seychelles (Squamata: Scincidae)
A Lima, DJ Harris, S Rocha, A Miralles, F Glaw, M Vences
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 67 (3), 615-620, 2013
A new species of Mabuya (Reptilia, Squamata, Scincidae) from the Caribbean island of San Andrés, with a new interpretation of nuchal scales: a character of taxonomic importance
A Miralles
The Herpetological Journal 16 (1), 1-7, 2006
Variations on a bauplan: description of a new Malagasy “mermaid skink” with flipper-like forelimbs only (Scincidae, Sirenoscincus Sakata & Hikida, 2003)
A Miralles, M Anjeriniaina, CA Hipsley, J Müller, F Glaw, M Vences
Zoosystema 34 (4), 701-719, 2012
Speciation in the “Varzea” flooded forest: a new Mabuya (Squamata, Scincidae) from Western Amazonia
Zootaxa 1188, 1-22, 2006
The phylogenetic distribution and morphological variation of the ‘pouch’in female snakes
DS Siegel, A Miralles, SE Trauth, RD Aldridge
Acta Zoologica 93 (4), 400-408, 2012
Molecular systematics and undescribed diversity of Madagascan scolecophidian snakes (Squamata: Serpentes)
ZT Nagy, AB Marion, F Glaw, A Miralles, J Nopper, M Vences, SB Hedges
Zootaxa 4040 (1), 31-47, 2015
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