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Restoring fish ecological quality in estuaries: implication of interactive and cumulative effects among anthropogenic stressors
N Teichert, A Borja, G Chust, A Uriarte, M Lepage
Science of the Total Environment 542, 383-393, 2016
Habitat selection in amphidromous Gobiidae of Reunion Island: Sicyopterus lagocephalus (Pallas, 1770) and Cotylopus acutipinnis (Guichenot, 1863)
N Teichert, P Valade, P Lim, F Dauba, J Labonne, M Richarson, P Bosc, ...
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N Teichert, M Lepage, A Sagouis, A Borja, G Chust, MT Ferreira, ...
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Pelagic larval traits of the amphidromous goby Sicyopterus lagocephalus display seasonal variations related to temperature in La Réunion Island
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Breeding pattern and nest guarding in Sicyopterus lagocephalus, a widespread amphidromous Gobiidae
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Upstream migration of amphidromous gobies of La Réunion Island: implication for management
R Lagarde, N Teichert, G Boussarie, H Grondin, P Valade
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Variability of life history traits of two amphidromous Gobiidae (Sicydiinae) in Reunion Island: Sicyopterus lagocephalus (Pallas, 1770) and Cotylopus acutipinnis (Guichenot …
N Teichert
Cybium, International Journal of Ichthyology 37 (3), 164-165, 2013
Spawning-habitat selection of an Indo-Pacific amphidromous gobiid fish, Sicyopterus lagocephalus (Pallas)
N Teichert, P Valade, P Bosc, M Richarson, P Gaudin
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Environmental drivers of taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity (alpha, beta and gamma components) in estuarine fish communities
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Response of phytoplankton traits to environmental variables in French lakes: new perspectives for bioindication
J Derot, A Jamoneau, N Teichert, J Rosebery, S Morin, ...
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BichiCAM, an underwater automated video tracking system for the study of migratory dynamics of benthic diadromous species in streams
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M Artzrouni, N Teichert, T Mara
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N Teichert, H Tabouret, R Lagarde, H Grondin, D Ponton, C Pécheyran, ...
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 27 (3), 834-846, 2018
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