Kyle Doudrick
Kyle Doudrick
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Characterization of food-grade titanium dioxide: the presence of nanosized particles
Y Yang, K Doudrick, X Bi, K Hristovski, P Herckes, P Westerhoff, R Kaegi
Environmental Science & Technology 48 (11), 6391-6400, 2014
Different shades of oxide: From nanoscale wetting mechanisms to contact printing of gallium-based liquid metals
K Doudrick, S Liu, EM Mutunga, KL Klein, V Damle, KK Varanasi, ...
Langmuir 30 (23), 6867-6877, 2014
Photocatalytic nitrate reduction in water: Managing the hole scavenger and reaction by-product selectivity
K Doudrick, T Yang, K Hristovski, P Westerhoff
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 136, 40-47, 2013
Hexavalent chromium removal using metal oxide photocatalysts
Q Cheng, C Wang, K Doudrick, CK Chan
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 176, 740-748, 2015
Disruption of model cell membranes by carbon nanotubes
C Corredor, WC Hou, SA Klein, BY Moghadam, M Goryll, K Doudrick, ...
Carbon 60, 67-75, 2013
Detection of carbon nanotubes in environmental matrices using programmed thermal analysis
K Doudrick, P Herckes, P Westerhoff
Environmental science & technology 46 (22), 12246-12253, 2012
Nitrate reduction in water using commercial titanium dioxide photocatalysts (P25, P90, and Hombikat UV100)
K Doudrick, O Monzón, A Mangonon, K Hristovski, P Westerhoff
Journal of Environmental Engineering 138 (8), 852-861, 2012
Photocatalytic reduction of nitrate using titanium dioxide for regeneration of ion exchange brine
T Yang, K Doudrick, P Westerhoff
Water research 47 (3), 1299-1307, 2013
Food grade titanium dioxide disrupts intestinal brush border microvilli in vitro independent of sedimentation
JJ Faust, K Doudrick, Y Yang, P Westerhoff, DG Capco
Cell biology and toxicology 30 (3), 169-188, 2014
Instillation versus Inhalation of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes: Exposure-Related Health Effects, Clearance, and the Role of Particle Characteristics
RM Silva, K Doudrick, LM Franzi, C TeeSy, DS Anderson, Z Wu, S Mitra, ...
ACS nano 8 (9), 8911-8931, 2014
Extraction and quantification of carbon nanotubes in biological matrices with application to rat lung tissue
K Doudrick, N Corson, G Oberdörster, AC Eder, P Herckes, RU Halden, ...
ACS nano 7 (10), 8849-8856, 2013
Comparative analysis of the photocatalytic reduction of drinking water oxoanions using titanium dioxide
R Marks, T Yang, P Westerhoff, K Doudrick
Water research 104, 11-19, 2016
Characterization of nanomaterials in metal colloid-containing dietary supplement drinks and assessment of their potential interactions after ingestion
RB Reed, JJ Faust, Y Yang, K Doudrick, DG Capco, K Hristovski, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2 (7), 1616-1624, 2014
“Insensitive” to touch: fabric-supported lubricant-swollen polymeric films for omniphobic personal protective gear
VG Damle, A Tummala, S Chandrashekar, C Kido, A Roopesh, X Sun, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (7), 4224-4232, 2015
Quantification of graphene and graphene oxide in complex organic matrices
K Doudrick, T Nosaka, P Herckes, P Westerhoff
Environmental Science: Nano 2 (1), 60-67, 2015
Development of fusogenic glass surfaces that impart spatiotemporal control over macrophage fusion: Direct visualization of multinucleated giant cell formation
JJ Faust, W Christenson, K Doudrick, R Ros, TP Ugarova
Biomaterials 128, 160-171, 2017
Interaction of carbonaceous nanomaterials with wastewater biomass
Y Yang, Z Yu, T Nosaka, K Doudrick, K Hristovski, P Herckes, ...
Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering 9 (5), 823-831, 2015
Decomposition of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) using a hybrid process with electron beam and chemical oxidants
TH Kim, SH Lee, HY Kim, K Doudrick, S Yu, SD Kim
Chemical Engineering Journal 361, 1363-1370, 2019
Rapid method for testing efficacy of nano-engineered coatings for mitigating tin whisker growth
K Doudrick, J Chinn, J Williams, N Chawla, K Rykaczewski
Microelectronics Reliability 55 (5), 832-837, 2015
A facile method for separating and enriching nano and submicron particles from titanium dioxide found in food and pharmaceutical products
JJ Faust, K Doudrick, Y Yang, DG Capco, P Westerhoff
PLoS One 11 (10), e0164712, 2016
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