Rahul Kulkarni
Rahul Kulkarni
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Massachusetts Boston
Adresse e-mail validée de umb.edu
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The small RNA chaperone Hfq and multiple small RNAs control quorum sensing in Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio cholerae
DH Lenz, KC Mok, BN Lilley, RV Kulkarni, NS Wingreen, BL Bassler
Cell 118 (1), 69-82, 2004
CsrA and three redundant small RNAs regulate quorum sensing in Vibrio cholerae
DH Lenz, MB Miller, J Zhu, RV Kulkarni, BL Bassler
Molecular microbiology 58 (4), 1186-1202, 2005
Prediction of CsrA-regulating small RNAs in bacteria and their experimental verification in Vibrio fischeri
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Scaling properties of random walks on small-world networks
E Almaas, RV Kulkarni, D Stroud
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Exact Distributions for Stochastic Gene Expression Models with Bursting and Feedback
N Kumar, T Platini, R Kulkarni
Physical Review Letters 113, 268105, 2014
Intrinsic noise in stochastic models of gene expression with molecular memory and bursting
T Jia, RV Kulkarni
Physical review letters 106 (5), 058102, 2011
Characterizing the structure of small-world networks
E Almaas, RV Kulkarni, D Stroud
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Ab initio molecular-dynamics study of the structural and transport propertiesof liquid germanium
RV Kulkarni, WG Aulbur, D Stroud
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Transcriptional Bursting in Gene Expression: Analytical Results for General Stochastic Models
N Kumar, A Singh, R Kulkarni
PLoS Computational Biology 11 (10), e1004292, 2015
Exact results and scaling properties of small-world networks
RV Kulkarni, E Almaas, D Stroud
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Regulatory targets of quorum sensing in Vibrio cholerae: evidence for two distinct HapR-binding motifs
AM Tsou, T Cai, Z Liu, J Zhu, RV Kulkarni
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Connecting protein and mRNA burst distributions for stochastic models of gene expression
V Elgart, T Jia, AT Fenley, R Kulkarni
Physical biology 8 (4), 046001, 2011
Structural rearrangement in an RsmA/CsrA ortholog of Pseudomonas aeruginosa creates a dimeric RNA-binding protein, RsmN
ER Morris, G Hall, C Li, S Heeb, RV Kulkarni, L Lovelock, H Silistre, ...
Structure 21 (9), 1659-1671, 2013
A sequence-based approach for prediction of CsrA/RsmA targets in bacteria with experimental validation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
PR Kulkarni, T Jia, SA Kuehne, TM Kerkering, ER Morris, MS Searle, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (11), 6811-6825, 2014
Applications of Little’s law to stochastic models of gene expression
V Elgart, T Jia, RV Kulkarni
Physical Review E 82 (2), 021901, 2010
Statistical mechanics of prion diseases
A Slepoy, RRP Singh, F Pazmandi, RV Kulkarni, DL Cox
Physical review letters 87 (5), 058101, 2001
Evolutionary dynamics in the Bak-Sneppen model on small-world networks
RV Kulkarni, E Almaas, D Stroud
arXiv preprint cond-mat/9905066, 1999
Direct regulation by the Vibrio cholerae regulator ToxT to modulate colonization and anticolonization pilus expression
A Hsiao, X Xu, B Kan, RV Kulkarni, J Zhu
Infection and immunity 77 (4), 1383-1388, 2009
Computational approaches for the discovery of bacterial small RNAs
RV Kulkarni, PR Kulkarni
Methods 43 (2), 131-139, 2007
Pattern formation within Escherichia coli: diffusion, membrane attachment, and self-interaction of MinD molecules
RV Kulkarni, KC Huang, M Kloster, NS Wingreen
Physical review letters 93 (22), 228103, 2004
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