Anupam Yadav
Anupam Yadav
Material, Process, Physics Engineer & Researcher at KU LEUVEN
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Unravelling the nucleation mechanism of bimetallic nanoparticles with composition-tunable core–shell arrangement
TW Liao, A Yadav, KJ Hu, J van der Tol, S Cosentino, F D'Acapito, ...
Nanoscale 10 (14), 6684-6694, 2018
TiO2 Films Modified with Au Nanoclusters as Self-Cleaning Surfaces under Visible Light
TW Liao, SW Verbruggen, N Claes, A Yadav, D Grandjean, S Bals, ...
Nanomaterials 8 (1), 30, 2018
Composition-tuned Pt-skinned PtNi bimetallic clusters as highly efficient methanol dehydrogenation catalysts
TW Liao, A Yadav, P Ferrari, Y Niu, XK Wei, J Vernieres, KJ Hu, ...
Chemistry of materials 31 (24), 10040-10048, 2019
Surface-modified titanium dioxide nanofibers with gold nanoparticles for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
VN Nguyen, MV Nguyen, THT Nguyen, MT Doan, LLT Ngoc, E Janssens, ...
Catalysts 10 (2), 261, 2020
Highly active oxygen evolution reaction model electrode based on supported gas-phase NiFe clusters
L Geerts, S Cosentino, TW Liao, A Yadav, PC Lin, VS Zharinov, KJ Hu, ...
Catalysis Today 334, 59-67, 2019
Role of AuxPt1–x Clusters in the Enhancement of the Electrochemical Activity of ZnO Nanorod Electrodes
S Cosentino, G Fiaschi, V Strano, K Hu, TW Liao, NM Hemed, A Yadav, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (29), 15644-15652, 2017
A platinum–nickel bimetallic nanocluster ensemble-on-polyaniline nanofilm for enhanced electrocatalytic oxidation of dopamine
A Yadav, R Pandey, TW Liao, VS Zharinov, KJ Hu, J Vernieres, ...
Nanoscale 12 (10), 6047-6056, 2020
Titanium nitride nanodonuts synthesized from natural ilmenite ore as a novel and efficient thermoplasmonic material
TL Thi Le, LT Nguyen, HH Nguyen, NV Nghia, NM Vuong, HN Hieu, ...
Nanomaterials 11 (1), 76, 2020
Enhanced Methanol Electro‐Oxidation Activity of Nanoclustered Gold
A Yadav, Y Li, TW Liao, KJ Hu, JE Scheerder, OV Safonova, T Höltzl, ...
Small 17 (27), 2004541, 2021
Gold Electrocatalysis: Enhanced Methanol Electro‐Oxidation Activity of Nanoclustered Gold (Small 27/2021)
A Yadav, Y Li, TW Liao, KJ Hu, JE Scheerder, OV Safonova, T Höltzl, ...
Small 17 (27), 2170139, 2021
Unravelling the active sites in metal cluster-based oxidation catalysts
A Yadav, P Lievens, D Grandjean
In-situ XAFS and Operando DRIFTS Investigations of a Highly Active CO Oxidation Catalyst Based on Pd-Ni Bimetallic Gas-phase Nanoclusters Deposited on Alumina
A Yadav
EUROPACAT, Date: 2019/08/18-2019/08/23, Location: Germany, 2019
High Performance CO Oxidation Catalysts Based on Gas-Phase Pd-Ni Bimetallic Nanoclusters Directly Deposited on Alumina Powder Investigated In Operando by XAFS and DRIFTS
A Yadav
Gordon Research Conference, Date: 2019/06/16-2019/06/21, Location: Switzerland, 2019
Dynamic Structure Of Low Temperature CO Oxidation Catalysts Based On Gas-phase PdNi Nanoclusters Deposited On Alumina Powder Unraveled By Operando XAFS And DRIFTS
A Yadav
Nanoalloys IRN, Date: 2019/06/04-2019/06/07, Location: Genova, Italy, 2019
Ultra-Sensitive Electrochemical Sensing of Para-Aminophenol by a Monolayer of Size-Selected Gold Clusters (Oral Presentation)
A Yadav
Material Research Society (MRS) Meeting 2018, Location: Phoenix, USA, 2018
Ultra-Dispersed Size-Selected Au Nanoclusters modified FTO as High Performance Anode Catalyst for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
A Yadav
International Symposium on Small Particles and Inorganic Clusters: ISSPIC-IX …, 2018
Composition dependent self-organization in AuxAg1-x phase segregated nanostructures
TW Liao, A Yadav, K Hu, S Cosentino, J van der Tol, D Grandjean, ...
Gordon Research Conference, Date: 2017/07/09-2017/07/17, Location: Massachusetts, 2017
High Performance CO Oxidation Catalyst Based on Gas-phase Pd Nanoclusters Deposited on Alumina Powder
A Yadav
IEEE-NMDC Conference, Location: Singapore, 2017
Composition-dependent structure of bulk-immiscible bimetallic Au1Ni1-x nanoclusters
A Yadav, TW Liao, KJ Hu, D Grandjean, P Lievens
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