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Phase diagram of Ba 1− x K x Fe 2 As 2
S Avci, O Chmaissem, DY Chung, S Rosenkranz, EA Goremychkin, ...
Physical Review B 85 (18), 184507, 2012
Magnetically driven suppression of nematic order in an iron-based superconductor
S Avci, O Chmaissem, JM Allred, S Rosenkranz, I Eremin, AV Chubukov, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-6, 2014
Phase relations in K x Fe 2− y Se 2 and the structure of superconducting K x Fe 2 Se 2 via high-resolution synchrotron diffraction
DP Shoemaker, DY Chung, H Claus, MC Francisco, S Avci, A Llobet, ...
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S Avci, O Chmaissem, EA Goremychkin, S Rosenkranz, JP Castellan, ...
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Growth and superconductivity of crystals
U Patel, J Hua, SH Yu, S Avci, ZL Xiao, H Claus, J Schlueter, ...
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Structural, magnetic, and superconducting properties of Ba 1− x Na x Fe 2 As 2
S Avci, JM Allred, O Chmaissem, DY Chung, S Rosenkranz, JA Schlueter, ...
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Tetragonal magnetic phase in from x-ray and neutron diffraction
JM Allred, S Avci, DY Chung, H Claus, DD Khalyavin, P Manuel, ...
Physical Review B 92 (9), 094515, 2015
Matching effect and dynamic phases of vortex matter in nanoribbon with a periodic array of holes
S Avci, ZL Xiao, J Hua, A Imre, R Divan, J Pearson, U Welp, WK Kwok, ...
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JM Allred, KM Taddei, DE Bugaris, S Avci, DY Chung, H Claus, ...
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Growth mechanism and magnetic and electrochemical properties of Na0. 44MnO2 nanorods as cathode material for Na-ion batteries
S Demirel, E Oz, E Altin, S Altin, A Bayri, P Kaya, S Turan, S Avci
Materials Characterization 105, 104-112, 2015
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U Patel, ZL Xiao, A Gurevich, S Avci, J Hua, R Divan, U Welp, WK Kwok
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Electrochemical effects and magnetic properties of B substituted LiCoO2: improving Li-battery performance
E Oz, S Altin, S Demirel, A Bayri, E Altin, O Baglayan, S Avci
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 657, 835-847, 2016
Oxygen Stoichiometry in the Geometrically Frustrated Kagomé System YBaCo4O7+δ: Impact on Phase Behavior and Magnetism
S Avci, O Chmaissem, H Zheng, A Huq, P Manuel, JF Mitchell
Chemistry of Materials 25 (21), 4188-4196, 2013
Enhancement of the Curie temperature in NdBaCoO by -site Ca substitution
S Kolesnik, B Dabrowski, O Chmaissem, S Avci, JP Hodges, M Avdeev, ...
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S Avci, O Chmaissem, H Zheng, A Huq, DD Khalyavin, PW Stephens, ...
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E Oz, S Demirel, S Altin, E Altin, A Bayri, S Avci
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S Demirel, E Oz, S Altin, A Bayri, O Baglayan, E Altin, S Avci
Ceramics International 43 (17), 14818-14826, 2017
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