Sacha Welinski
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Simultaneous coherence enhancement of optical and microwave transitions in solid-state electronic spins
A Ortu, A Tiranov, S Welinski, F Fröwis, N Gisin, A Ferrier, P Goldner, ...
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G Lefevre, A Herfurth, H Kohlmann, A Sayede, T Wylezich, S Welinski, ...
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Roadmap for rare-earth quantum computing
A Kinos, D Hunger, R Kolesov, K Mølmer, H de Riedmatten, P Goldner, ...
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S Welinski, A Tiranov, M Businger, A Ferrier, M Afzelius, P Goldner
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Lanthanide luminescence as a local probe in mixed anionic hydrides–a case study on Eu 2+-doped RbMgH x F 3− x and KMgH x F 3− x
T Wylezich, S Welinski, M Hoelzel, P Goldner, N Kunkel
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Roadmap for rare-earth quantum computing (2021)
A Kinos, D Hunger, R Kolesov, K Mølmer, H de Riedmatten, P Goldner, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.15743, 0
Hybrid III-V diamond photonic platform for quantum nodes based on neutral silicon vacancy centers in diamond
D Huang, A Abulnaga, S Welinski, M Raha, JD Thompson, NP de Leon
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Propriétés optiques et magnétiques de cristaux dopés par des terres rares paramagnétiques pour les technologies quantiques
S Welinski
Université Paris sciences et lettres, 2018
Coherent spin dynamics of rare-earth doped crystals in the high-cooperativity regime
J Alexander, G Dold, OW Kennedy, M Šimėnas, J O'Sullivan, CW Zollitsch, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2206.04027, 2022
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