Philippine Chambault
Philippine Chambault
PhD in marine ecology
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Sea surface temperature predicts the movements of an Arctic cetacean: the bowhead whale
P Chambault, CM Albertsen, TA Patterson, RG Hansen, O Tervo, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 9658, 2018
Identification of key marine areas for conservation based on satellite tracking of post-nesting migrating green turtles (Chelonia mydas)
M Baudouin, B de Thoisy, P Chambault, R Berzins, M Entraygues, L Kelle, ...
Biological Conservation 184, 36-41, 2015
The influence of oceanographic features on the foraging behavior of the olive ridley sea turtle Lepidochelys olivacea along the Guiana coast
P Chambault, B De Thoisy, K Heerah, A Conchon, S Barrioz, V Dos Reis, ...
Progress in Oceanography 142, 58-71, 2016
The impact of rising sea temperatures on an Arctic top predator, the narwhal
P Chambault, OM Tervo, E Garde, RG Hansen, SB Blackwell, TM Williams, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 18678, 2020
Distribution and composition of floating macro litter off the Azores archipelago and Madeira (NE Atlantic) using opportunistic surveys
P Chambault, F Vandeperre, M Machete, JC Lagoa, CK Pham
Marine environmental research 141, 225-232, 2018
High fidelity of sea turtles to their foraging grounds revealed by satellite tracking and capture-mark-recapture: New insights for the establishment of key marine conservation …
F Siegwalt, S Benhamou, M Girondot, L Jeantet, J Martin, M Bonola, ...
Biological Conservation 250, 108742, 2020
Identification of marine key areas across the Caribbean to ensure the conservation of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle
M Nivière, P Chambault, T Pérez, D Etienne, M Bonola, J Martin, ...
Biological Conservation 223, 170-180, 2018
Connecting paths between juvenile and adult habitats in the Atlantic green turtle using genetics and satellite tracking
P Chambault, B de Thoisy, M Huguin, J Martin, M Bonola, D Etienne, ...
Ecology and Evolution 8 (24), 12790-12802, 2018
Inter-nesting behavioural adjustments of green turtles to an estuarine habitat in French Guiana
P Chambault, B De Thoisy, L Kelle, R Berzins, M Bonola, H Delvaux, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 555, 235-248, 2016
The Gulf Stream frontal system: A key oceanographic feature in the habitat selection of the leatherback turtle?
P Chambault, F Roquet, S Benhamou, A Baudena, E Pauthenet, ...
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 123, 35-47, 2017
Predicting seasonal movements and distribution of the sperm whale using machine learning algorithms
P Chambault, S Fossette, MP Heide‐Jørgensen, D Jouannet, M Vély
Ecology and evolution 11 (3), 1432-1445, 2021
Contrasted habitats and individual plasticity drive the fine scale movements of juvenile green turtles in coastal ecosystems
P Chambault, M Dalleau, JB Nicet, P Mouquet, K Ballorain, C Jean, ...
Movement ecology 8, 1-15, 2020
Dispersal and Diving Adjustments of the Green Turtle Chelonia mydas in Response to Dynamic Environmental Conditions during Post-Nesting Migration
P Chambault, D Pinaud, V Vantrepotte, L Kelle, M Entraygues, C Guinet, ...
PLoS One 10 (9), e0137340, 2015
Future seasonal changes in habitat for Arctic whales during predicted ocean warming
P Chambault, KM Kovacs, C Lydersen, O Shpak, J Teilmann, ...
Science Advances 8 (29), eabn2422, 2022
Swirling in the ocean: Immature loggerhead turtles seasonally target old anticyclonic eddies at the fringe of the North Atlantic gyre
P Chambault, A Baudena, KA Bjorndal, MAR Santos, AB Bolten, ...
Progress in oceanography 175, 345-358, 2019
A regime shift in the Southeast Greenland marine ecosystem
MP Heide‐Jørgensen, P Chambault, T Jansen, CVB Gjelstrup, ...
Global Change Biology 29 (3), 668-685, 2023
A methodological framework to predict the individual and population‐level distributions from tracking data
P Chambault, T Hattab, P Mouquet, T Bajjouk, C Jean, K Ballorain, ...
Ecography 44 (5), 766-777, 2021
Fine scale geographic residence and annual primary production drive body condition of wild immature green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Martinique Island (Lesser …
M Bonola, M Girondot, JP Robin, J Martin, F Siegwalt, L Jeantet, P Lelong, ...
Biology Open 8 (12), bio048058, 2019
Habitat use and diving behaviour of gravid olive ridley sea turtles under riverine conditions in French Guiana
P Chambault, L Giraudou, B de Thoisy, M Bonola, L Kelle, V Dos Reis, ...
Journal of Marine Systems 165, 115-123, 2017
Ecological trap or favorable habitat? First evidence that immature sea turtles may survive at their range-limits in the North-East Atlantic
P Chambault, P Gaspar, F Dell’Amico
Frontiers in Marine Science 8, 736604, 2021
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